The B List: 10 Best Modern Rock Bands of the ’00s (2000-2007)

9. Sufjan Stevens: the Generation Bridge

One of my all time favorite concerts was seeing Sufjan back in January 2006 at the Allen Room (part of the Time Warner Center located in Manhattan). And you couldn’t’ have asked for a better venue/setting –The folk-rock-maestro backed by his 17-person orchestra performed in front of a tremendous glass backdrop looking out into the lit up city–it was simply stunning. The whole time in my amazement at the views & sounds I thought about my grandparents and how much they would love this. They would have been blown away by this perfect night and this young mans talent. It’s not everyday new music comes out that you think you’re grandparents will enjoy as much as you do. This is why Sufjan made this list.

8. The Mars Volta: the Abstract

I love you. I love you not. They love you. They love you not. We Love You! It’s hard to get a grasp on these pretentious prog-art rock motherfuckers and I mean that in a good way. Either you love them or you hate them (love them not) but more than likely you still respect them for their ability to irritate and confuse critics and music lovers all at the same time. Built on the ruins of fallen act At The Drive In, The Mars Volta combine the sounds of punk, jazz, latin, heavy metal, funk, and psychedelic pop to give us a present day taste of the future of music. They are experimentalists, audio scientists & sound pioneers and there is no other band like them.

7. Wolfmother: the Ancient Three

1/2 LZ + 1/4 BS + 1/8 tWS + 1/8 PF = 1 Wm (*See below for the band key.)

Did I just invent a new formula on how to classify & categorize & pigeon hole bands. Maybe? Either way, Wolfmother are one of the best modern day bands of the not-so-distant past and it was love at first listen when I first heard them. I’d randomly text message my friends WOLFMOTHER!!! And just like that too – All caps and three exclamation points. Despite the three heavyweights (LW, BS, PF) where Wolfmother’s main source of inspiration is drawn, Wolfmother separate themselves by being a 3-piece band of equal explosive power. They are also the only 3-piece on this list and are easily the greatest new 3-piece act of the decade…so far.

*The Periodic Table of Bands (The Band Key)

LZ = Led Zeppelin
BS = Black Sabbath
tWS = The White Stripes
PF = Pink Floyd
Wm = Wolfmother

6. Decemberists: the Story Tellers

The Crane Wife (the Decemberists 4th full length album) and Picaresque (their 3rd) are both living breathing works of art that will one day be talked about in college lecture centers. The class will be called Musical/Historical Works of Fiction – From The Pen to the Studio & Stage. You see, The Decemberists don’t just write songs and then assemble those songs together for an album. They write imaginative poems & elaborate epic fairytales filled with colorful characters and then weave them into masterful/musical novels. If anyone was to write a screenplay based on a bands album(s) and then Hollywood-ize it, The Decemberists are your band. The Crane Wife coming to a theater near you June 2010. I could also picture someone doing this with one of The Mars Volta albums as soon as they made sense of it.

5. Maroon 5: The Hit Makers

Play that funky music white boy…or white boys in this case. I can think of no other modern band that plays funky rock music as well as Maroon 5. They are by far the most commercially appealing band and commercially successfully band on this list with worldwide album sales of over 10 million. Let’s face it, they write perfect pop emeralds (red ones – the rarest and most expensive, the ones that make women sweat/faint and men irresistible/broke) with grooves that sparkle and hooks that shine. Their last album, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long is a lean mean hit machine with more than enough attraction and charm for audiences/music-fans of all shapes and sizes.

4. Fall Out Boy: the Experts

Go on knock these guys and then get over yourself. One out of two young people in pop-rock bands go to great lengths to express how much they dislike Fall Out Boy because they are either in denial or they are upset they are not as good. Meanwhile two out of two young people in pop-rocks bands imitate and inspire to be them. They are part of this list because plain and simple they are pop-rock craftsmen/song-smiths. They are the modern day kings of at what they do whether you like this style of music or not and the songwriting partnership of Patrick Stump (vocalist/melody master/song architect) and Pete Wentz (lyricist/band spokesman) is untouchable and unstoppable.

3. Brand New: the Mature

Our little band is all grown up. I am constantly at loss of words when I think of Brand New. Their melodies are passion filled & beautiful, their lyrics are sincere & brilliant and their music is dynamic & contagious. When Deja Entendu (their 2nd full length) came out, I was—still am—ecstatic over its perfection. To me Brand New are the most honest and raw band on this list…and they are the only band on this list that have exponentially progressed from album to album—this only refers to the bands on this list who have released more than one album. I know that one day when you ask someone to list a few of the greats that came out of Long Island, one of the first ones mentioned will be Brand New.

2. The Strokes: the Saviors

Shocked and then perhaps relieved at the embodiment of hope & sound when The Strokes landed. We knew something special & unique yet familiar was going on the moment we first laid ears on the songs like “Hard To Explain” and “Last Nite” and just like that, they were acclaimed by critics and fans as the redeemers of rock music. While some of you may be questioning why the Strokes made this list, if you think about it, they are a band of this decade with albums of this decade. Their debut album Is This It set the bar for all modern day garage-pop-rock or whatever you wanna call it bands. It all is one of the most influential albums of the decade and one of the best albums of all time. Even The Strokes have yet to top themselves.

1. Arcade Fire: the Great Unifiers

Arcade Fire reign supreme. They are the best new band in the world. Thanks to Pitchfork lighting the first noticeable match with their review of Funeral (Arcade Fire’s first full length), this elusive band has become the indie playboy model of the decade. No doubt they had people wet when clips from Neon Bible (their 2nd full length) were slowly becoming available. From being featured on the cover of the Canadian edition of Time Magazine to the appearing at No 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart (a rare and honorable feat for a band on an indie label), Arcade Fire is the band that brings people with nothing in common together to form a band with the hopes that it will some day & one day be as good. Now go get your guitar or violin or cello. Arcade Fire has taken the 00’s and we’ll be waiting until next decade for something this good to come around again.

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  1. ok, i love you hidden track kids. really, i do.


    what the hell is going on with this?!! maroon 5?!!!! i won’t even get into the justification behind the maroon 5 inclusion as i may throw up in my mouth.

    wolfmother?! f wolfmother, i’ll take tv on the radio ANY day of the week.

    vampire weekend. ok, fair enough. love their album, but i’m willing to wait for the 2nd before tossing out top 10 bands of an entire DECADE. and for the record, i give a fuck about an oxford comma.

    speaking of waiting for a 2nd album, the strokes are 2nd on this dubious list? really. 2003 called and would like it’s headline back.

    at least we can all agree on arcade fire. and that disco actually rules.

  2. Wolfmother was by far the best act at the virgin fest a couple of years ago and that includes flaming lips, who, rhcp. Don’t hate if you’ve never seen them live. Absolutely destroyed it.

  3. Most bogus thing Hidden Track has ever posted.

    No MMJ? TV on The Radio? Kings of Leon? Black Keys?

    Who in their right mind would include Maroon 5 in such a list? Talk about bland uninteresting garbage. And Vampire Weekend has to be the most over-hyped group in the history of music. Whoever posted this should NOT quit their day job.

    :: pukes in mouth ::

  4. “It’s not everyday new music comes out that you think you’re grandparents will enjoy as much as you do. This is why Sufjan made this list.”

    excellent reasoning. illinoise definitely isn’t worth mentioning, and all the bam shit is just silliness, of course.

  5. What can I say – there are a ton of good and even great modern bands such as TV on The Radio but they are not one of the best. I honestly believe these are the 10 best bands of this modern day. If this was a list of 20 bands – TV on the Radio would be somewhere in the 11-20.

  6. This is among my favorite daily music reads.
    This is the worst list I ever read. This is prepostorous. Absurd. I even had to check if it was April 1st.

  7. maybe tv on the radio could be #4? or is that reserved for mmj? it’s so mysterious!

    i just listened to brand new for the first time, and i can only assume you owe someone in the band a favor. is the drummer your cousin or something? down with nepotism on hidden track!!

  8. This is among my favorite daily music reads.
    This is the worst list I ever read. This is prepostorous. Absurd. I even had to check if it was April 1st. This must be included in the top 3 worst lists of the decade (2000-2007)

  9. Ha. No cousins no brothers no grandfathers. I personally don’t know any of these bands. #4 is not MMJ but they would be #2 or #1 if their first album came out this decade but they’ been around for a while. Z is one of the best albums of the decade so I’ll give you that.

  10. Neil’s so disgusted he had to post it twice! Well done on the add at the end. Can we get a general consensus on the other two Worst Lists?

    Seriously though, what happened to #4?

    The comments on HT are among the best on the internet.

  11. justin is a genius, but wolfmother sucks. I might be able to get you tickets for you and your grandparents to see sufjan. also, did radiohead just up and disappear? what gives?

  12. who’s high? Justin Harris, that’s who!? Was this done on a dare? Some decent and some great bands here, but there’s a lot more misses than hits on this Top 10 List.

  13. in no particular order, noting that “artist” and “band” are interchangeable here:

    Damon Auburn: Gorillaz/The Good the Bad & The Queen
    White Stripes/Racantours
    Arcade Fire
    Animal Collective/Grizzly Bear/Panda Bear
    Sufjan Stevens
    Mike Patton: Tomahawk/Fantomas/Dillinger/Peeping Tom/Lovage/Mondo Cane/etc etc etc etc etc… aaaand etc

    honerable mentions (old shoolers kickin strong in the Double 0s):
    Yo LA Tengo
    Sonic Youth
    Bruce Springstein

    honerable mention for creative output (but not my scene necessarily):

    honerable hilarious comments about Wolfmother:

  14. In no particular order

    Damon Auburn: Gorillaz/The Good the Bad & The Queen
    White Stripes/Racantours
    Ghostface Killer
    Arcade Fire
    Animal Collective/Grizzly Bear/PAnda Bear
    Sufjan Stevens

    honerable mentions (old shoolers kickin strong in the Double 0s):
    Yo LA Tengo
    Sonic Youth
    Bruce Springstei

  15. in no particular order, noting that “artist” and “band” are interchangeable here:

    Damon Auburn: Gorillaz/The Good the Bad & The Queen
    White Stripes/Racantours
    Arcade Fire
    Animal Collective/Grizzly Bear/Panda Bear
    Sufjan Stevens
    Mike Patton: Tomahawk/Fantomas/Dillinger/Peeping Tom/Lovage/Mondo Cante/etc etc etc etc etc… aaaand etc

    honerable mentions (old shoolers kickin strong in the Double 0s):
    Yo LA Tengo
    Sonic Youth
    Bruce Springstein

    honerable mention for creative output (but not my scene necessarily):

    honerable hilarious comments about Wolfmother:

  16. Maybe this list should have been more clear but its bands that have existed on cd from 2000 and on. Everyone knows Radiohead dominates the universe but they came out in the early 90’s so they don’t count on this. Put this way if music as we know it started in the year 2000 and someone (me) made a list of the best bands now (2008)…this would be that list.

  17. Where is Broken Social Scene? People will HAVE to talk about these guys for the next decade because they’ve spawned so many other amazing groups…

    Maroon 5, really? Industry supported pop schlock IMO. Maybe I am being too hard on them. Maybe I’ll go back and listen to their first album again sometime. Or maybe I’ll forget it existed ten minutes from now and play Broken Boy Soldiers at full volume instead.

    Other honorable ‘not mentioned’ acts:

    The Hold Steady, The National, Kings of Leon, Raconteurs, Black Keys, MMJ, Spoon, Arctic Monkeys, The Bad Plus

  18. Broken Social Scene is good probably number 12 if there was a number 12 on this list. And that’s hilarious about the Maroon 5 comment. They are definetly big and get played on the radio way to much…I guess(surprising I don’t listen to the radio) but this doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Right? Spoon is fantastic but they’ve been around for a while.

  19. “And that’s hilarious about the Maroon 5 comment”

    not really. i think you will find the maroon 5 fanclub a lonely place around these parts… i guess your point is everyone is wrong but you 😉

    Also, Spoon has two albums prior to 00, and all their biggest stuff in the 00s… so they havn’t been around that much longer. White Stripes debut was 99, hard to keep them out on a technicality (especially since most of their buzz was probably after 1/1/00)

    Other honorable ‘not mentioned’ act additions:

    The Hold Steady, The National, Kings of Leon, Raconteurs, Black Keys, MMJ, Spoon, Arctic Monkeys, The Bad Plus, broken social scene, LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear, Battles, Peeping Tom (hehe),

    oh and AFI, highly underated band…

  20. Wow. You’re away from your computer for a little bit and look what happens. Great stuff, nice healthy debate. Interesting list Justin, can’t say I agree 100%, but that’s why we have a comments section here.

    And also I’ve new even heard of Brand New – anyone else in the same boat as me on that one??

    Technically MMJ and The White Stripes both had albums out in ’99, but I’d put them both on my list, if I was to make one.

  21. “This list is bunk! Fall Out Boy would be my Number 1! Yay!”

    Jesus dude, all you ever talk about is Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confesionals and Good Charlotte… wtf?

    regarding first albums in 99… i would have to throw them in the mix unless you could show they released early enough to have long impact on charts etc that year (Stripes, mmj).

  22. Point taken about the ’99 albums but I had to draw the line somewhere and those albums were out in ’99. If I had to reconsider, sure MMJ who are easily one of the best bands around would have made the #2 spot. The White Stripes would have made this list as well and bumped someone out but Fall Out Boy would remain. Besides MMJ and The White Stripes that’s it. But Dashboard and Good Charlotte – come on who do you think I am? And Animal Collective? I will still never understand their appeal.

  23. “But Dashboard and Good Charlotte”

    I was talking to Ace (note the source of the quote).

    regarding Animal Collective, and that posse… well, if you can not understand you can not understand.

  24. how B let this list be posted without UM is read icculus.

    wonder if any bands out there played more shows than UM in the 00’s ?*

    *joe russo excluded

  25. It took cajones the size of basketballs to put Maroon 5 and Fall Out Boy on this list, and for that you deserve much respect. Given that your point was “bands that people will still talk about in future decades,” I suspect you may be right about Maroon 5. There is going to be a generation of kids who came of age listening to Maroon 5, and they will champion those slick-as-snot motherfuckers in M5 the same way Sonic Youth and Shonen Knife resurrected the Carpenters.

    kphunk — God bless you, your disco, and your Oxford comma. You are my new favorite person, ever.

  26. It must have been difficult to write this list, but probably not as difficult as it was for you to come out of the closet to your parents. Fall Out Boy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA!

    This list is a joke. Not only do you suck at listening to music, you suck at life. Is K-fed your #11? Eat it!

  27. Just a smattering of bands that I’d prefer to most of those on your list all of which were formed this decade:
    Kings of Leon
    Secret Machines
    Preston School of Industry
    We Are Scientists
    Apollo Sunshine
    The Autumn Defense
    The Black Keys
    Franz Ferdinand
    TV on the Radio
    Vida Blue
    Flight of the Conchords
    Yohimbe Brothers
    LCD Soundsystem
    Gnarls Barkley
    Kaiser Chiefs
    Tapes ‘n Tapes
    Danger Doom
    Band of Horses
    The Fratellis
    The Raconteurs
    The Good, the Bad & the Queen
    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

    Not saying they’re the best, but they’re a damn sight better than most of those you listed.

  28. def not my top 10, but glad to see HT taking a chance and posting a controversial list. I was scared I’d see 9 c-level jambands and MMJ on here.

    props on adding Brand New. They are def a guilty pleasure of mine. took balls to include them 🙂

  29. Hadley-
    So you’re saying all the bands you listed are better then every single band on this list. Plus you mentioned 20 bands. If I was mentioning 20 I would have put a few of your mentions – Secret Machines and probably the Raconteurs. Remember this is Rock bands only a few of your mentions would not apply. Who’s in your real Top 10?

  30. “So you’re saying all the bands you listed are better then every single band on this list.”
    Not saying that at all.

    “Plus you mentioned 20 bands.”
    I didn’t count, but I’ll take your word on that.

    “Remember this is Rock bands only a few of your mentions would not apply.”
    OK, fair enough. (I assume that to mean artists like LCD Soundsystem)

    “Who’s in your real Top 10?”
    Gotta go to bed, but I’ll say that you’ve taken on a remarkably difficult task. Props to you on that and, of course, it’s COMPLETELY subjective. We just have different taste.
    I can’t put 10 in order tonight, but I’d say that I’d sub in any of the following for any but AF or Sufjan…
    Apollo Sunshine
    TV on the Radio
    Band of Horses
    The Raconteurs
    The Good, the Bad & the Queen
    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

  31. first of all – nice job calling it modern rock instead of “indie”… indie just doesn’t fit…

    7 of these pics are solid.. but filing “Maroon 5 and Fallout Boy” under “best?” and vampire weekend is only a one album thing right now and have barely even completed a tour yet,,

    anyhow – dearly missing are
    The Shins
    Modest Mouse
    My Morning Jacket ( come on, they aren’t a jamband)
    The Black Keys
    Iron & Wine
    TV on the Radio
    New Pornographers
    Gogl Bordello
    The National
    Cold War Kids

  32. This list is why I still feast at the buffet of Grateful Dead and Phish. I used to think I was closed-minded. This list suggests that I may just have an appreciation of good music and not fads.

  33. Yo…how about The White Stripes? Maybe even Wilco? Let’s cross genres for a moment and lookie lookie what Yonder Mountain String Band has been up to for the last decade…

    Atleast this isn’t the A-List…it’s only the B-list…

  34. Wilco came out in the early-mid 90’s. Spoon came out in the 90’s. And Modest Mouse too…the 90’s. This list is the best bands to come out this decade. Not my favorite bands but bands who will be remembered and talked about and influencers of bands in the next decade. You’ve got to be shitting me if you think bands like Tapes’n Tapes, Band Of Horses (who I love), Kaiser Chiefs, We Are Scientists will matter to anyone in 1 to 2 years.

  35. wow HT. i haven’t read the other comments on this one (didn’t want to taint my own comment)

    however, I must FULLY disagree with this list.

    did Pitchfork bust out this list? or was it Paste?

    I’m not into this entry.

  36. This is the most fucking retarded list I have ever seen. Shame.

    I agree with Arcade Fire – They are basically the best thing going, hell, even the Strokes definitely deserve to be there. But where is TV on The Radio? How about British Sea Power? My Morning Jacket? The White Stripes for Christ sakes! – These at least aren’t contrived teeny bands like Fall-Out boy.

    Than again, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Even if it is seriously misguided.

  37. “You’ve got to be shitting me if you think bands like Tapes’n Tapes, Band Of Horses (who I love), Kaiser Chiefs, We Are Scientists will matter to anyone in 1 to 2 years.”

    I guess the problem that I, and many others it seems, is that you labeled it the 10 “Best” bands.

    Again, it’s wholly subjective, but whether someone remembers a band is not a sign that the band put out quality music.
    We all remember Britney Spears, and will for a while to come. Is she, therefore, one of the best artists of the past decade?

  38. Count me in as another reader who has not heard of Brand New. Not to sound pretentious, but if I haven’t heard of them, I am a bit surprised they can be included as those bands who will be remembered.

    Clearly I am not the only one who is confused. Is this the “Best” modern rock bands who came out in the ’00s, or is this a list of people you think will be “Remembered?” Sure, Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5 will probably be remembered for their vast exposure in the halls of High Schools, but to say they are among the “Best?” I question even if Maroon 5 is “modern” rock.

    Others have already mentioned a number of bands that would have made my list:

  39. Marron 5 will certainly be remembered as having the singer with the most nasaly annoying voice in the history of

  40. I am still laughing about how bad this list is. Just because I am curious how old is the person that wrote this post?

  41. While I am probably old enough to be mother of the person who wrote this list, I have to say that this has to be the best responce HT has ever had. I applaud Justin for hanging in there and staying part of the conversation. Tough as nails kid, tough as nails.

  42. Goes to show that people prefer to comment on things they don’t like than things they do like.

    and Ginz, UM started in 1998. I agree with Justin that you have to draw the line somewhere, first release after 2000 is as good a place as any to draw the line.

    Also, for the record, this piece got more page views than anything we’ve put up so far this year.

  43. I’m 28 for the person or people who asked. And everyone keeps saying this is the worst list but doesn’t give a list of their own. I’m curious to see everyone else’s list of 10. Not 20 or 30. If I was listing 20 I would probably mention some of the bands everyone has been mentioning as well. It’s not easy to narrow it down.

  44. Also about the being remembered bit. I get the whole Britney bit but no one wants to be her. Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5 will be remmebered because they write incredible songs and because kids right now want to start bands after hearing those songs. So in the next decade new bands are going to reference and tip their hats to those bands. Yeah people will be influenced and inspired by other bands that have been mentioned here but not nearly as much as the bands I’ve listed and I’ve given short write ups as to why I think each of these bands are so great.

  45. really? reaallly? Is this just a scheme to create some tension and stir up the readers or are you for seri? since Ace left your track has become hidden. said it. you read it. change your site name to Smokin Crack, because thats what you must do.

  46. I understand Scotty’s comment that people are motivated to critique things that they disagree with rather than with things they agree on, but then again isn’t that an obvious point? I think the reason people are so pissed by this list is because we take time out of our day to check the page because we respect the opinions of the contributors and look to this page for news and suggestions on what to listen to. This list just doesnt really fit within the aesthetic sensibilities of Hidden Track readers . . . and it’s not like I only want “jam -bands” or what have you on this blog, I think we as readers are open to new and diverse types of music as evidenced by the list the readers have proposed as far more deserving “best of” bands than Fall-Out Boy or Maroon Five . . . that reminds me, I’d love to see The Libertines on that list!

    Regardless, bravo Justin for opening the dialogue for critical music discussion – Lester Bangs would be proud. (p.s. screw that wanker DeCurtis)

  47. Keep a stiff upper lip Justin. Your list missed wide-right Scott Norwood style, but you took a gamble. If you believed what you said, then keep at it.

  48. I completely reject your assertion that musicians will cite Fall Out Boy or Maroon 5 as influences. Doucebags will cite them as influences. Great musicians are influenced by bands like VU, REM, the Flaming Lips, and Wilco, artists that are ahead of their time and who’s appeal increases as the world catches up to them. Here are 11 artists of the 00’s who will continue to be talked about for years to come:

    Arcade Fire
    Kanye West
    Arctic Monkeys
    Gnarls Barkley
    Devandra Barnhart
    MMJ (you’d like to define the debate to exclude them, but you’re a d-bag, so your criteria is irrelevant. This is a band of the 00’s)
    Dr. Dog
    The Black Keys
    Sufjan Stevens
    The Shins
    LCD Soundsytem

    Not necessarily my favorites, but all very relevant artists.

  49. So, again, is it Most Remembered or Best?

    Quick list:

    Arcade Fire
    Broken Social Scene
    The Decemberists
    Iron & Wine
    My Morning Jacket (July ’99)
    Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (Sept. ’99)
    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
    The Mars Volta
    TV on the Radio
    Sufjan Stevens (band?)

    If we are going to have Maroon 5 and Fall Out Boy, why not put Coldplay on that list?

    Additional thoughts:

    The Duo
    Grizzly Bear
    Jaga Jazzist
    Zero 7

  50. It’s the best which leads to being an influencer which leads to being remembered. It all goes hand in hand. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and so on are the best and therefore the most remembered. That’s my thinking on this list. If we are considering bands from ’99 then MMJ and Broken Social Scene I would consider as the best.

  51. Maybe this list should have been more clear but its bands that have existed on cd from 2000 and on.

    If we are considering bands from ‘99 then MMJ and Broken Social Scene I would consider as the best.

    Broken Social Scene’s first album was released in 2001.

  52. On the whole, I agree with this list. My only gripe is the inclusion of Vampire Weekend. While undeniably big right now, I don’t know how much of their influence I can see in the coming years.
    Maroon 5 is spawning followers in many genres, as the funk sound is being seen and utilized throughout the industry.
    Fall Out Boy’s members are as influential as their music. Credit must be given to them for what they do and how they are so damn good at it.
    Brand New should be more than a guilty pleasure for people. Other than their first album (Your Favorite Weapon), their releases since have a maturity that can be recognized by anyone familiar with music in general and not a single genre or type of music.
    I am not a regular reader, so I am not familiar with the general content of the site, but I can certainly appreciate this list and what is covered and the difficulty in creating such a list. As far as influence since 2000, it is evident that all of these bands are quite influential. If you get past not seeing your favorite band on the list or mainstream popularity, the list is quite accurate.

  53. Errm. Okay.
    My Chemical Romance?


    I mean, they started in 2001, and have helped a shitload of kids.
    I mean really? Arcade Fire at one?
    What is the world coming to?

  54. People,

    Can’t you realize that if too many of the bands you listed were on here, it wouldn’t actually ring true? We’re talking about the bands that will be remembered. Case in point (maybe a bad one), but everyone remembers Nirvana and talks about them as the spearhead of the grunge movement. And yes, people talk about Soundgarden and Pearl Jam as part of it, and rightfully so. But what about the bands that come in the wake of that, like Bush? Exactly. First comes the movement, then comes the followers. If it was too singular in focus, it wouldn’t be properly titled.

  55. HaHaHa who are all the indie college starbucks fucks who haven’t heard of Brand New and keep mentioning all these frat boy shitty indie bands. All these shitty indie bands you guys mention are nothing more than the new wave of Dave Matthews Band bullshit. Brand New and Maroon 5 are the only deserving bands listed. The rest of you can keep growing beards and keep worrying about Peta and global warming.

  56. And to go along with my last comment…these are bands people will be talking about in years. What about their futures? Precisely why I think Justin included both VW and Brand New. Loads of potential. And for those of you who haven’t heard Brand New, try. Likely a little something for everyone there.

  57. Thanks for contributing to the otherwise interesting conversation, Kevin. You clearly have little understanding of what you are talking about if you feel (any of?) the bands mentioned above are a new wave of Dave Matthews.

  58. yay…the decemebrists. i love those guys. epic story tellers….just listen to “The Mariner’s Revenge” and be entertained by an awesome story for about 11 minutes…its great….i think they should be in front of FOB though…imo….

  59. Not sure how people heavily interested in music haven’t heard of Brand New but they definitely deserve it. Also I would like to see some white stripes on there but a pretty solid list.

  60. Half of you guys haven’t heard of Brand New– that’s pretty sad.

    I agree with the top 3 on this list and the decemberists, but the rest of the list is horrible.

  61. I was linked here by someone on a punk forum claiming it a “joke”, but I agree with your list about 98%. The 2% reserving judgment for future Vampire Weekend releases. I’ve also been a fan of Brand New since the pop-punk beginning and glad to see someone agrees with me and their exponential maturity in the face of most of my friends thinking they either “sold-out” or that “they are denying their scene past.”

    Keep up the good work, and you’ve done well to stand by your claims without sinking to the level of most of your critics/commenters.

    And it’s scary thinking about my first listen to Is This It. It seems like such a long, long time ago.

  62. maroon 5 and fall out boy are atrocious choices but acade fire and the decemberists and wolfmother are great. I think 3 much better choices are the national, the new pornographers, and the arctic monkeys

  63. I am going to make my on list but viod you rule that they could not release an able before 2000.

    The Roots
    LCD Soundsystem
    Medeski, Martin & Wood
    The disco biskets
    the black Keys
    The Flaming Lips
    arcade fire
    My morning Jacket

  64. I was pleasantly surprised to see Brand New on the list. They are unbelievable, and not a lot of people listen and realize it. Their second and third albums are heart-breaking…talk about real.

  65. I’m old, okay? My disdain of 2000s rock is expected due to my advanced age. But I downloaded many albums by several of the above bands, ready to confound expectations and like what I heard.

    Sorry. If you guys call this good, you don’t know jack. As opposed to the rich and varied textures of classic rock, modern bands sound like they are imitating each other. These vocalists have two voices – the gravelly, barely-alive and stoned-on-heroin voice that drips existential futility, and the raging maniac voice of futile anger.

    The instrumentals, too, come in two flavors: boring monotony, or else a wretchedly busy racket that sounds like a sheet metal factory at 500% capacity.

    Leave this stuff alone, guys, and stop calling the best of it “good”. Maybe then the music industry will start giving us value again.

    Beatles – Stones – Led Zep – Moody Blues – Creedence – The Who – Jethro Tull – Yes – REM

  66. Haha, the old dude above me is awesome.

    Anyway, this list fucking sucks. All of it, not just Fall Out Boy and Maroon Five, but Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire too. Mainstream and Indie is just full of fail. These are the best modern bands:

    Porcupine Tree
    Dream Theater
    Spock’s Beard
    The Flower Kings
    Rocket Scientists
    Neal Morse
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    and a bunch more

    Of course some of these would never be on any list like this because no one has heard of them, but they still totally own everything on here. It’s time to face facts, the mainstream isn’t going deliver anymore, you have to dig deeper to find the good stuff.

    Whoever said people will be talking about these bands in years, epic fail. No one is going to give a flying fuck about Arcade Fire a decade from now.

  67. The Strokes should be first. m5 and fob are incredibly crap wolfmother is average and the rest ive never heard of. wtf? dude cmon
    1.The Strokes
    The rest in no order
    Rage Against the Machine
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Killers
    Oasis (cant beleive no 1 thought of them)
    Franz Ferdinand
    The Raconteurs

    they all created albums in the 00s


    thats the HUGE screw up on this list, and plus this is a bad list. dunno who made it but arctics should most definetly number 1

  69. no no no!
    fall out boy? …”the experts”?!??!?!
    where the f*** are ARCTIC MONKEYS??!?!?!?
    they are definitely one of the greatest bands this decade!
    arctic monkeys and the strokes are the epitome of British indie! which is way better music than fall out boy!

  70. Well after scanning through the posts here I can’t believe there has been no mention of…wait for it…i know some people are going to get excited…


    Definitely a top 5 rock band of the decade!!! IMO, #1!! Their music has the most original lyrics and arrangements of any band out there. They cross so many different musical genres and their albums are based on a story written by the lead singer. Each album that they have put out (the first one in 2002) has progressed in sound, but each is better than another in a different way. Not to mention, they put on some of the best live shows around! They recently did a tour called “Neverender” which they played their entire discography and it is now out on dvd. I suggest looking up some vids from this on youtube. All you classic rock guys (which I primarily am) check out a live performance of “the final cut” and youll see what im talking about (a little pink floyd maybe?). Please dont be turned off by high lyrics or poppy singles (although a favor house atlantic is a great song musically) because there is so much more to this band than what is on the surface.

  71. all good points but where are all time low, the cab, yellowcard and better than ezra? they are all great bands that most people haven’t heard of(bar all time low).

  72. wow your list sucks ass!!
    no one even metioned my chemical romance
    and what the fuck its of the ’00s why are the beatles evne in this conversation
    maroon 5 sucks fall out boy is ok but certainly no where close to the best!!

  73. Brand New has a well deserved place. amazing band, so diverse. each album just represents the next level they have progressed to. so real and just raw.

  74. You forgot a few pretty good bands in there, heres mine:
    10.) Sum 41
    9.) Black Eyed Peas
    8.) Modest Mouse
    7.) 30 Seconds to Mars
    6.) U2
    5.) The Srokes
    4.) Radiohead
    3.) Foo Fighters
    2.) Metallica (they’re still making new stuff)
    1.) Green Day
    Thats mine whats yours?

  75. To me, this was quite a godawful list.


    What the hell is wrong with you? I mean, some of these artists are decent, but the majority of them are rather shameful Frat-Boy-pop-Rock or rhubbish Garage/Indie bands.

    Here’s my top 6.

    1.) Radiohead
    2.) TV on the Radio
    3.) Dave Matthews Band
    4.) Red Hot Chili Peppers
    5.) Sigur Ros
    6.) Damon Albarn


    and after that, I run out of ideas. Maybe Snow Patrol, Coldplay, or even Muse. Maybe Elbow? The trouble is, mainstream rock has really taken a dive for the shitter the past 10 years. It’s only underground music that breathes innovation.

  76. Oooh, crap, add LCD Sound System and Tool to that list as well.

    I’m not exactly a big metal fan, but I highly respect Tool for the maturity they have brought to their sounds.

    And R.E.M. are still pumping out albums as well, even if they are complete dog shite.

    And I’m not an Indie fan either, but some other people on this board are a bit miffed that you ahve not included The Libertines or The Arctic Monkeys.

  77. i find it amusing people say where are ‘so and so’ most of the bands people mention are awful, my chemical romance and artic monkeys and all those awful rock bands where they just scream are not there cos they are sh!!.

    The best(most popular rock bands) in no particular order
    Kings of Leon
    The Script
    Linkin Park
    Snow Patrol

  78. Brand New is the best on this list, Fall Out Boy, despite what you people say, are actaully very talented. Wolfmother would be amazing, IF THIS WAS THE 70’s!!!

  79. my top ten
    1 Take that
    2 These new puritans
    3 Paramore
    4 Simple plan
    5 Muse
    6 Snow patrol
    7 Flowbots
    8 Nickleback
    9 Onerepublic
    10 Mcfly

  80. 30 Seconds to Mars. Their latest album rocks. Angels And Airwaves
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Breaking benjamins
    Blink 182
    The fray
    Simple Plan

  81. Breaking Benjamin
    Three Days Grace
    Simple Plan
    My Chemical Romance
    Linkin Park

    These are all modern, amazing rock bands. They rule!

  82. How about: Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Linkin Park, Shinedown, Seether, Thousand Foot Krutch, My Chemical Romance, Poets of the Fall, Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge (!), Rammstein (!), Paramore, Nickelback, Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars etc. etc.

  83. 10. Creed
    9. Evanescence
    8. Linkin Park
    7. Green Day
    6. Paramore
    5. Puddle of Mudd
    4. Theory of a Deadman
    3. Three Days Grace
    2. Breaking Benjamin
    1. Shinedown

    Nuff said bro

  84. Hahaha.
    Ok, so this list is good. Like, one of the best lists on the internet. I just think its funny that some people listed bands like Hinder, Linkin Park, Shinedown, Seether, Rammstein, and ESPECIALLY Nickelback. I could go on, but I don’t think any band is worse then Nickelback.
    One of the most important instruments in a band is the vocals (granted, Eluvium, Max Richter, and other artists opt for instrumental so it isn’t for them…) . So how can people listen to bands with a god awful lead singer?
    I will never understand why anyone likes popular music…
    And this is coming from a guy who has over 16,000 songs on his iTunes, so it’s not like I hardly listen to anything. Just soothing instrumental and bands with halfway decent lead singers, not guys who “sing” with a mouthful of gravel.

  85. Fallout Boy and Maroon 5?! EVen tho this wouldn’t be my top ten all the rest are pretty good. What about My Morning Jacket? and the lists from those commenting is quite laughable: even in high school I didn’t like some of that trash.

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