Breaking: Phish Reunites For Sandsio’s Wedding

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After a break of over four years, Jam-pioneers Phish reunited this evening in New York City at the wedding of former road manager Brad Sands. The quartet treated the crowd to a three song set that included old standbys Suzy Greenberg, Julius and Waste. As if that wasn’t enough, shortly after Phish left the stage drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police joined the wedding band for Can’t Stand Losing You and The Meters’ Fire on the Bayou. Congratulations go out to Mr. and Mrs. Sands.

[Video by Jeff Kravitz]

This isn’t the first time Phish reunited after a lengthy layoff at a wedding of a former employee. On December 1, 2001, the band members rocked out Wolfman’s Brother > Boogie On Reggae Woman and Loving Cup at the wedding of Dionysian’s Jason Colton shortly before the fourteen month-mark of their first hiatus. They also played at the wedding of Beth and Steve Drebber on August 12, 1989 as described by Kevin Shapiro for the August 1989 edition of This Month in Phish History:

After a steady spring and early summer of touring, Phish’s first performance in August was on the 12th at The Burlington Community Boathouse playing at friends Beth and Steve Drebber’s wedding reception. As a member of a local band, The Joneses, Steve got to know Phish, meeting Beth at a Phish concert in February of the previous year (see This Month in Phish History, February 1988). The Drebbers’ was one of only a few wedding gigs Phish played over the years. They performed a set of jazz standards followed by a more adventurous set of Phish originals and covers for the newlyweds. One of the covers was a wedding request for the band’s only performance of the Allman Brothers’ Blue Sky.

One clip from the wedding has surfaced on YouTube and we’re sure plenty of pictures from this monumental affair will surface in the upcoming days.

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51 thoughts on “Breaking: Phish Reunites For Sandsio’s Wedding

  1. bradsands'yayo Reply


  2. zappafrank Reply

    this is awesome. hoozah for everyone!

  3. Phisheva Reply

    Great news!

  4. airrow Reply

    they will be practicing by monday

  5. henge Reply

    worst suzy ever! they need to practice more. page looked like he hasn’t slept in a while. and notice how trey is wearing long sleeves? hmmmmmm….

  6. Pauly Reply

    See you on tour…

  7. fake Reply

    “worst suzy ever! they need to practice more. page looked like he hasn’t slept in a while. and notice how trey is wearing long sleeves? hmmmmmm….”


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  9. paillunb Reply

    fuck yes…time to party

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  11. Suzanne Reply

    So a good thing happens and all the retard haters have to make stupid comments? Real mature.

    Congrats to Brad and his new wife on their wedding day!

    It’s great to hear Phish played again and somewhere where these haters (who are just jealous they didn’t get invited) couldn’t get to to ruin it.

    Hopefully Phish will return soon and these haters will stay away.

    I can’t wait to see the boys play again and to see Trey this tour clean and sober, looking and sounding great!

  12. Leia Reply

    Couldn’t be happier… Congrats to the Brad and the Mrs. It sounds like a dream come true. See you all soon!

    TAB is my b-day in Philly (reunite?) It would be the best B-day ever! It still could be. Thank YOu! This is all Phantastic news!!

  13. The Wagger Reply

    To the person who made a comment about Trey wearing long sleeves — it’s a wedding. You wear a dress shirt at the very least, which is going to have long sleeves. Trey was not a shooter junkie; he smoked it like Jerry did. Look at recent photos of him on the Internet. There are no scars in the crook of his arm or on his hands or forearms. Trey went through a lot over the last couple of years, including an intense rehab program that required random drug testing, sometimes occuring more than once per week. He passed everything and was adjudicated by the judge. The guy is now clean and sober (for that matter so is Mike; I talked to him face-to-face in Portland on Aug. 23). Give Trey an f-ing break already.

  14. The Wagger is a Homo Reply

    To ‘The Wagger’:
    You need to get off your ass and start swinging the bat and picking up some girls, because all of the ‘suckin’ Trey’s oxycontin-ridden dick’ is really a downer. You’re bringing us all down w/ your, “I would know, I’ve rapped with Trey on 8/23.” Seriously, go fuck a Sunset…

  15. Rupert Reply

    I hope to see some more clips of those hot dance moves. Great news.

  16. Kronmaster Reply

    All you haters talking shit about trey and the boys can catch a huge FUCK OFF!!! The band is SOBER!! Shit is on like Donkey Kong!! PH09

  17. Heen Reply

    I have to agree with Kronmaster….F all you haters out there….this is great news and if you are a true fan of the band, you would not bring up anything negative. Bring on Summer ’09!! Keep your fingers crossed!

  18. phunkyjedi08 Reply

    hellyes!! it’s SO on! longlive the PHiSH – from Vermont!!

  19. Spike Reply

    “haters”? is this the new ghetto hippie lingo??

    It was 3 songs people…for a dear friends wedding. It was not that big of a deal. As if the boys havent ALREADY jammed in Trey’s barn…you guys DO REALIZE this can happen without anyone knowing?

    Coventry was NOT the last show. Anyone with a brain knew this after it was over.

    Congrats to Sandsio and his new wife. Phish will be back…soon

  20. diskobean Reply

    I was SOOOO FRICKIN EXCITED to see and open this thread/website, and then BAM!!! The haters are in FULL FORCE. FUCK OFF YOU LOSERS. You haters have prolly NEVER even seen Phish, and surely not PRE-HIATUS 😛

    Like I said, I was SOOO excited to see this website, and you DOWNERS had to talk shit and bring ALL KINDS OF NEGATIVITY towards Trey already. And how can you tell how he really looked in a DIMLY LIT crappy resolution youtube video? Get a LIFE FUCKERS. And I hope you haters stay FAR AWAY from Phish tour in 2009 when they come back 😛 Because if you all bring negativity and hating back into a phresh Phish scene, you all deserve to have your balls cut off. And you all wonder why the boys called it quits 4 years ago 😛 Its because of the negativity and hating going on, and you haters that were doing shows just to say you saw “this particular show.” We should ALL be com,mending Trey and ALL of the boys for getting their shit together and wanting to play together again!!!

    Let Trey do his thing and let us REAL FANS enjoy what went down without trying to RUIN IT for everyone 😛

    And to Brad Sands and his wife, CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 I bet that was the PERFECT WEDDINg for Brad and his new wife 🙂 I know it wouldve been a PERFECT WEDDING for ALOT of other people if they were in the same situation 🙂

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  22. Also_Goff_Zarathustra Reply

    congrats to the Sands. Thanks to Kravitz for the video offering.

    looking forward to the “R_ _ _ _ _ N” very soon. BTW, that word has become so overused to me, kind of like Hiatus was a few years ago…that I cannot force myself to type it or even say it anymore.

    when they come back and I’m there w/ a shit-eating grin on my face,, then I will the “R” word.

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  24. Rasheeke Reply

    I love Phish more than any other jam band, but they are NOT pioneers to the Jam scene.

    Let us not forget the Grateful Dead.

  25. Caterpillar Reply

    They didn’t play “Shout”? Bunk wedding.

  26. Your Mother Reply

    you retard babies that love wookie-lore and are caught up by treys long sleeves is that he was a FUCKING WEDDING where the attire is a suit you goddam idiots get it right or shut the fuck up, and i dont know anything just stating the obvious, stupid wookies

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  28. Tyler Reply

    wait….no WAY!

    Brad Sands got married?!?!?!?!?

  29. Declan Carroll Reply

    so jeff kravitz is paparazzi?( is pretty weak…

  30. rebecca b Reply

    I loved when someone yelled a Freebird-esque “Hava Nagila!” at the end of the song.

  31. Dave W Reply

    Great.. now on to some Bar Mitzvahs

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  33. patrickswazey Reply

    dude my mom took my bong!

  34. Coach Reply

    There’s no doubt there were more than a couple family members thinking, “Geez, who are these guys? Bring the wedding band back; these guys stink!”

  35. Chris Thompson Reply

    I got blood in my dick.

  36. BOB Reply


  37. WhataWookie420 Reply

    i cant watch the video 🙁

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  39. Drumbum Reply

    This is great news for all of us… and yes a bit of a tease…. Ifthey do start gigging again lets just hope all their shows are mail order chosen at random, cause id love to catch some more shows.. but definatly dont have time to wait in line for bracelts or dialing through pages of obscure ticket master numbers just to get tix to a local show….and i do have a feeling that as much as the boys enjoyed their large festivals they missed the intimacy of the smaller venues… as weve seen trey choosing smaller theatres. Be well all and hopefully see some smily faces soon next month at port chester.

  40. Phishmeahandjobwillya? Reply

    Great, another tour for over zealous wannabe hippies to fill their lives with meaning again. Hey man, I was there dude.. remember when Trey dropped a deuce in the porto potty at the PNC in ’03? I was like the third guy in line to take a picture with it!

    Someone contact CNBC with this news and let them know they’re going to need to adjust forecasts on the trust-fund index.
    Or contact Donnie Deutsh and get yourself an appearance on the Big Idea for how much money you made selling grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot.

  41. Avalon Reply

    Saw a mini-reunion at Rothbury, loved it can’t wait for summer tour ’09

  42. The Wedding Reply

    I was one of your lurkers, so I thought this would be a good post to comment on first. 🙂 Thanks for the list!

  43. Colonel Reply

    Nice to see those guys on stage together again! I’m sure sobriety will not only make the music more solid, but I hope it will get rid of some of the crowd on the lot just there for the buzz.
    On a side note: does it show an extreme lack of social skills to not only sit in front of a computer looking up a band that you don’t like, but then to hide behind the computer talking trash about that band?
    Cheers to PHISH and it’s Phans!

  44. Carl Reply

    I’m sure they were as underwhelming as before.

  45. Rutherford The Brave Reply

    My prostates flaring up like a Tiki Torch.

    Boner Jams 09 Phish Reunion.

  46. DeepElem Reply

    I heard airrpw puts from the rough. I’m just sayin’

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  48. LuCky7 Reply

    My acoustic band has to blay Julius at my wedding now lol

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