Review: Rose Hill Drive @ Smith’s Olde Bar

Jacob Sproul’s vocals were pitch-perfect and dead on the money coupled with his pulsating and throbbing electric bass work. Daniel Sproul’s electro-fury guitar pyrotechnics were cutting, shrieking, howling and razor-sharp. The chemistry between these two is as undeniable as a brother tandem should be. The Bonham/Moon drum blasts of Nathaniel Barnes punctuated each exclamation point, period and semi-colon.

These guys know how to stimulate a room the way you would imagine some of your favorite bands of yesteryear would have with their blues driven rock. Big time stardom will not elude these guys much longer, so catch them while you can – up-close and personal. Rose Hill Drive knows how to deliver the goods-with a big, fat exclamation point.

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  1. Rose Hill Drive is so underrated it hurts. Back in ’04, I thought they’d be the next big thing. If it hasn’t happened now on the back of a stellar album, will it ever happen?

  2. who is matt andrews fellow atlantan here and frequent patron of smiths suprised we have not me seen a lot of his reviews and like….scotty??

  3. In response to you, Jon Harris, I have just begun my association with Hidden Track and will hopefully be writing more reviews in the future. I am in fact based in Atlanta and run my own blog called Musical Stew Daily.

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