Friday Mix Tape: 2008’s Best Live Albums

2008 has been a really strong year for live archival releases. Yesterday, I put together a list of my ten favorite live archival releases of 2008 and there are some exceptional albums that didn’t even make the top ten. We’ve included six tracks from that list for this week’s Friday Mix Tape.

Widespread Panic kicks things off with an intense Climb To Safety from Carbondale 2000. Next, we turn to moe. for the Jim Loughlin-led Farmer Ben from Dr. Stan’s Prescription: Volume 1 before giving way to Ween for The Goin’ Gets Tough From The Getgo off of Cat’s Cradle: 1992.  Phish picks things up with our HT Exclusive version of Buried Alive from At The Roxy. After that, we’ve got The Clash with Police On My Back from Live at Shea Stadium. Finally, The Byrds send us on our way with a jovial You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere off of Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

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