Jeff Coffin Officially Joins DMB

Sometimes widespread speculation ends up totally bupkes…and sometimes it’s widespread speculation because, well, it just friggin’ makes sense. In that regard, saxophonist extraordinaire Jeff Coffin has confirmed that he is officially joining Dave Matthews Band in 2009. Coffin is, of course, a longtime associate of Dave & Co through his work with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and he belonged on a shortlist of great DMB sit-ins even before he joined the DMB in 2008 to spell an injured LeRoi Moore.

[Photo via The Dead Hub]

Coffin has posted the following to his website:

There have been many people asking and, yes, I will be joining Dave Mattews Band starting in 2009. I am honored to be asked to be part of such a fantastic group of musicians and people and am looking forward to making some great music! Thanks to all the many for their support and encouragement. See you out there.

Tragically, Moore passed away from complications of the injuries he sustained in an ATV accident. As it’s spawned a period of forced transition for DMB, having Coffin in Moore’s stead permanently has been a little jarring at first. But that’s only because Moore was an iconic image onstage (not to mention a crucial flavor in DMB’s sonic stew) with the band for so long—up there with Carter Beauford’s wide grins, Boyd Tinsley’s sawing violin, Dave’s goofy dancing and Stefan Lessard’s bass grooving.

Where this longtime Dave fan’s concerned—and yeah, pallies, I like to say I’ve “outgrown DMB,” too and also have no problem remembering their good old days and some of my favorite concert moments—there’s no one I’d rather have on horns than Coffin. Godspeed, Jeff—we’re sure you’ll kick ass.

Needless to say, Coffin’s going to be an even busier bee than before, what with his Flecktones commitments and the albums he’s released with his own Mutet. Dude gets around, too; Umphreaks caught him last night in Chicago, and if like much of Hidden Track’s NYC bureau you’re headed for My Morning Jacket at the Garden tomorrow night, you’ll see him there, too, alongside Steve Bernstein and other rumored special guests.

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