Make Your Own Jukebox: Joost’s Jigsaw

We’re quite excited to present the first “Joost Labs” project: Project Jigsaw.

Project Jigsaw is a small project that experiments with how we present music videos, both visually and how the music line up is created. It allows you to play music using “artist name”, “tag name” or “ profile name” to fill your queue with good music. You can also use the search box to search for more music and then drag’n’drop them to your queue, or re-arrange your queue by drag’n’dropping videos around.

Jigsaw Screenshot

Jigsaw Screenshot

We have over 10000 music videos on Joost, so Joost can be used as a pretty good jukebox. As we do not have all the music in the world on Joost though (naturally :) ), we use to look up related artists for the artist you’ve chosen and find music that is related in our content catalogue.


  • Why did we do this? Because we love music, and we like to experiment.
  • Where will this go from here? Who knows :)
  • Why is it missing feature X? Because it’s an experiment, it’s not meant to be perfect
  • Will it break tomorrow? Possibly (”get it while it’s hot” … and works! :) )

So go ahead and try it out. We look forward to hearing your feedback on it!

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One thought on “Make Your Own Jukebox: Joost’s Jigsaw

  1. Hans Reply

    The Joost guys are coding in my hometown. Nice dudes, need some work on their musical knowledge.

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