Picture Show: Les Claypool’s Oddity Faire

There were plenty of fresh tunes from the forthcoming Of Fungi and Foe album, as well as favorites like Long in the Tooth and David Makalaster I, which featured a sweet South Bound Pachyderm tease at the start.  Sabbath’s Electric Funeral was a treat, although I had seen Les play it at the New Year’s Eve show.  It helped demonstrate, though, how Sam Bass was laying down more aggressive supporting cello passages and pushing his tone with distortion, versus playing alongside the capable & badass guitar of Mirv.

As the night went on, Les seemed to relax and played better with each passing song. Of Whales & Woe being a highlight of slap machine groovery.  Ding Dang offered a fine spotlight late in the show for Mike Dillon to reign insanity on the vibes, and amid the closer, D’s Diner, Les brought out bass compadre Lonnie Marshall to jam – and credited him with inspiration for the song –  along with cohort Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello.  Just one last bit of musical theatrics as a five-hour affair went out with a bang and a roar.

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  1. Thanks for the review!! Exactly what I was looking for. We’re getting ready to see Les tonight at Terminal 5 in NYC. CAN’T WAIT!! Awesome pix too! Thanks!

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