The B List: 10 Things Overheard at Hampton

5. “My hamp-ton is so raging right now”

4. “Whatever you do in the privacy of your own room is your business” – Front Desk Clerk: Embassy Suites

3. “My three holes for your extra”

2. “Lemme borrow $1500 for like 10 minutes”

1. During Scent of a Mule,  CG leans over and taps a kid playing with one of those stupid green laser pointers and says “haven’t you learned anything from this song?”

Leave a comment with some of the funny things you overheard last weekend and we’ll put together the best of ’em for next week’s B List.

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  1. “I’ve got the babies if you’ve got the tradies”
    -Woman on the way in Friday night. There was a dance involved as well.

  2. Anyone spot Frank aka Mr. Danny Devito at any of the hampton shows? He is a huge phan…stood next to him during one of the coventry sets

  3. I will say the greatest thing I saw in Hampton was a young Police Officer in the show standing in a porthole was rockin out singing Farmhouse. Imagine what he would have done during Tube or that sick-ass Antelope. Funny side note the other cop with him was in his fifties and looking at him with utter disgust.

  4. I don’t even have a ticket but something tells me heading down to Mansfield Mass would be worth it just for the mishigos that is the Phish lot scene. Yes? No? Maybe so?

  5. I still think Pauly’s twitter had one of the best lines, which certainly made A. Samberg cry with happiness:
    “I jizzed in my pants”

  6. Some kid who had never been to a show before said to me during Wolfman’s Brother, “I think I just turned alive.” He and I then proceeded to laugh hysterically for about 30 minutes.

  7. Security guard named Troy:
    “People walking in and out, saying, ‘Thank you, Sir,’ and ‘How you doin’, Sir?’…If somebody had told me about it in advance, I still wouldn’t have believed it.”

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