God Street Wednesday: The Summer of ’94

1994 was a big year for the members of God Street Wine. The guys recorded and released their first major label effort, $1.99 Romances and toured the country relentlessly leading to less local shows in the Northeast. The fanbase grew exponentially and the aggressive touring schedule led to quintet becoming an extremely tight unit musically.

[Scan by Michael Weiss]

On June 30, 1994, the band ventured up to Boston for “An Evening With” performance at the legendary Paradise Rock Club. Longtime GSW webmaster and friend Eric Budke recorded the soundboard feed that evening and has recently uploaded his recording to the Live Music Archive. Budke’s incredibly crispy tape finds the band working out new segues, dropping random covers and delivering jammed out takes on old favorites. Every GSW fan should add this show to their collection.

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  1. Yet again. What is up with your obsession of this band? I simply do not get why I come on here and read article after article of a defunct jam band from the 90s? Isnt there more intersting things to write about? I mean for gods sake Phish is back, the Dead are playin again, and the Allmans have been killing it (no thanks to the thin and poorly written reviews). This is a great blog, but you realy lose touch sometimes with reality.

  2. Mik, I don’t come around talking shit about your poorly worded newsletters for RJ Palmer. I write close to 20 articles a week and I put up about 40 per. It’s one column. Don’t read it.

  3. Not understanding the criticism about an article about a band from the past. BFD. Is there something specifically you don’t like about these GSW articles? If not, why don’t you read the numerous other articles on the site? Why would you jump on the comment section, unless you had a personal score to settle?

    The bands that you mentioned are getting shitloads of press right now. To venture into the vault once in a while is all part of the game, and adds flavor to HT. I hear what you’re saying, but you’re probably better served by just letting it go, and moving on.

  4. I agree with everything Scott said! Love the GSW. My only issue with this week’s column is that it’s old news (to me) and I’ve been listening to that show for weeks. Bring back the (new) news – ha!

  5. Not to toot my horn too much, but I requested this show from Budke for numerous sentimental reasons. It was my 1st show.

    These guys were awesome & I think this is a great show too! I didn’t like GSW until I saw them this night, and I walked out of the Paradise their biggest fan, hehe.

  6. Wow making cracks against my companies newsletters? Way to go buddy. I don’t write them, so you are talking to the wrong person. Quite honestly, its a bit scary that you a) took the time to track down where i work b) actually care that much that you researched that.

    My beef is that this blog constantly writes about this band and I just don’t understand why. Maybe I am being too critical and its just a slow newsday, but come on.

    Give me a shot and I bet i could actually write about something that is relevant to the CURRENT music scene.

  7. And there is a diffence, I don’t have a blog for a living. My job isnt posting articles (which are done so for public use) onto a webiste. If you don’t like the cirticism than you are in the wrong business my friend.

  8. hey mik, by “constantly” do you mean the wednesday only column? I don’t see how a few paragraphs for a weekly column justifies “constantly”.if scott was writing a weekly tuesday column on hootie or the spin doctors, I would just skip reading his stuff on tuesdays.

    if you don’t like it, don’t read it. besides, bands like GSW deserve a shout-out even if you don’t like them.

  9. My very first GSW show was right around this time, in Erie, PA at the Rainbow Gardens hall. Seriously, one of the greatest music experiences of my life (at least, up to that point). If ANYBODY knows where I can get a copy of THAT show, PLEASE post and let me know! Thanks!

  10. hey mik,
    GET A Fing LIFE! Yeah, who cares if PHISH is back. Everyone else is writing about that. We know they are back. there is 2 zillion videos from Hampton on youtube. GSW is one of those bands that should be talked about.

    Why don’t you take 10 min and listen to some old songs from GSW online and see what we are all talking about

    Don’t rag another blog, just cause you can’t even make your own or have the energy to.

    Scott is doing a great job posting interviews, pictures, and links to shows for us old fans of the band. Leave him and his work alone.

  11. I really enjoy reading this blog, and read every post. I am totally THRILLED when I see anything in print on GSW and go out of my tree when I hear them on Sirius 17. I have a collection of maybe 30 or so GSW shows that I taped and having a real small circle of friends that was ever into the band, any discourse at all and links to old shows is welcome. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  12. As someone who really loved this band in the mid-90s, thanks for the GSW discussions and music sharing. I think GSW were incredibly talented and should have risen to greater success than some of their peers. Keep up the posts, because there’s definitely an audience.

    Personal attacks should be kept out of this. If you’re not interested in the topic, move on.

  13. While I’d never write in to dis a band, I’ve had thoughts similar to Mik’s (saw GSW a handful of times including at my high school in 90/91 & a regrettable frat house show where they spun a tune akin to a bad Gamehendge rip-off). Everyon’s entitled to an opinion, but to call someone out by name with profanity is highly unprofessional (I assume you get paid to do this). really enjoy the work you do especially w/ all the crap that’s out there in the blog-o-sphere. Stay classy HT

  14. BroRo, I think I have a tape of that Erie show. I know I was there, could have been back in my analog days. I got chicken pox right after that trip I think. At some point I may try putting up a poll to pick the next shows uploaded. But that requires some organization I haven’t done yet.

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