Picture Show: Trey Anastasio @ Orpheum Theatre

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Trey Anastasio @ Orpheum Theatre, October 27

Photos and Words: Parker Harrington

Trey Anastasio Band’s nine-show tour, which has taken them everywhere from Detroit to Chicago to Columbus to New York City, landed last night at the famed Orpheum Theater in Boston. The sold-out show was the next to last performance before the band closes out the tour back in New York at the recently reopened Capitol Theater in Port Chester on November 5th. (date rescheduled from Sunday due to impending storm).

As Halloween approaches, there was a fair share of costumed fans among the energetic crowd who seemed thrilled to have Trey back in town. An upbeat Money, Love and Change opened the show which was heavy with Traveler material. Corona and Architect were stand-outs from the new tunes with the latter featuring particularly outstanding lighting work by lighting designer Marc Janowitz. The geometric shapes of the lights and the way Trey was framed and his guitar highlighted really helped to tell the story of the song. Pigtail, Clint Eastwood, Let Me Lie, Scabbard and Frost were also played from the new album. The only song that hadn’t been performed regularly this tour was first set bust out Flock of Words which hadn’t been performed by TAB since 2010.

It will be exciting to see which songs from Traveler make it into the Phish repertoire as many of them seem like prime material for Trey’s other band to tackle. However, last night in Boston, that question didn’t matter much as the crowd was fully engaged with TAB and on their feet all night. The workhorse, always spirited and quintessential TAB song, First Tube, closed the second set prior to a Show of Life encore. And the band, indeed did, shine for a while in this marvelous show.

Set 1: Money, Love and Change, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Cayman Review, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Let Me Lie, Scabbard, Frost, Drifting, Simple Twist Up Dave, Flock of Words, Push On ‘Til the Day

Set 2: Corona, Gotta Jibboo, Valentine, Tuesday, Magilla, Pigtail > Goodbye Head > Architect, Sand, Clint Eastwood, First Tube

Encore: Show of Life

[Setlist via Phish.net]

Check out a full gallery of photos and plenty of videos…

[Playlist: Scabbard, Frost, Drifting, Simple Twist Up Dave, Flock of Words, Push On Til The Day, Corona, Gotta Jibboo, Valentine, Tuesday, Magilla, Pigtail, Goodbye Head, Architect, Sand, Clint Eastwood, First Tube, Show of Life]

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2 thoughts on “Picture Show: Trey Anastasio @ Orpheum Theatre

  1. Flock_of_Goffs Reply

    better late than never.

    still reeling from this great trey / tab performance.

    Parker deserves major props. I was close to rail in sweaty balcony this night in Bohston and saw Parker boppin around. Not hyperbole here phans, Parker really captured the intimacy and gratitude Trey and his mostly old-school crew were continually conveying to that sold-out Trey crowd. (note: Not JUST phish phans, but here we are w/ 13 years of TAB, and so Hardcore TREY phans)

    great night. great photos.

    cheers to HT and the Trey Band = Some of the most unique and happy music I’ve ever seen live.

  2. Parker Reply

    Thanks for the kind words Goff, I appreciate it very much. Which I had known you were there to say hi!

    I posted he following on the Phish.net video of the week in response to someone bashing the band:

    “I’ve really grown to love TAB and find the shows relaxing, comforting, and just plain fun. Less expectations may have something to do with it but I find myself really enjoying the moment.

    I look back and draw many parallels to the Jerry Garcia Band too. I never went out of my way to see JGB and often even blew them off when they were in town. I am pretty stoked to have seen the 15 or so shows that I did but wish that it was more like 30 or 40. It was a different sound of course than the Dead, augmented by horns & different arrangements. But most of all it was Jerry having an absolute blast and you could literally see some weight lifted off his shoulders. I feel the same now with TAB. Trey simply loving playing, loving his band and getting a kick out of it all. It gives me some joy too.

    Crazy musical boundaries being pressed? No. Fun couple of sets of music? Yes indeed. And for a $35 ticket, I will gladly see a show every tour.

    Also, the new material from Traveler translates so much better live for me than it does on the album. Particularly Corona and Architect. Thought those two sounded great and definitely can envision them becoming Phish songs.

    To each their own, I enjoy a TAB show.”

    Bottom line: I loved the show and look forward to the next!

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