Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Karaoke – Vetiver Style

Later this week, I’m going to get to all the bands that I caught down at SXSW – a little late on that, but I do hold down a real day job too. Before I divulge that list wanted to share the music of one of the bands that I had circled on my schedule and that I had the pleasure to check out – Vetiver.

For a long time this band had been lumped among the recent crop of freak-folk acts – mainly do to their close association with that scene’s most identifiable face Devendra Banhart. With a move to Sup Pop for their latest release, Tight Knit is an instantly accessible album of gentle folk-rock inspired more by the Grateful Dead’s Americana period than maybe some of their more obscure bands they’ve namechecked in the past. Let’s check out their hilariously tongue-in-cheek video for Everyday, which is inspired by the ones that accompany karaoke songs…

The band kicks off their month and a half long North American tour on April 4, with a stop at Brooklyn’s Bell House on May 7. See ya there!

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2 thoughts on “Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Karaoke – Vetiver Style

  1. DaveO Reply

    Love this band, catching the Harper’s Ferry show…

  2. aXXo Reply

    Cool news are going on here, i`ll sure come back again

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