Bloggy Goodness: Dylan Gives Nothin’

With five years between his last two studios albums it came as a bit of a surprise to most that Bob Dylan slyly announced the release of the follow up to Modern Times to be released later this month – causing music pundits to anoint this as another “creative period” for the legendary singer-songwriter. Dylan’s 33rd studio album Together Through Life, to be released on April 28, is said to have “a seductive border-café feel” thanks in part to the accordion work of Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo.


The album is currently available for pre-order through Zimmy’s website, where you can also grab a free download of the album’s first track Beyond Here Lies Nothin’. In other Dylan news, the hard-touring bard is rumored to once again be touring minor league ballparks this summer with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.

Finally, Amanda Palmer – one half of the cabert-punk act The Dresdan Dolls – is trying everything in her power to get her current label Roadrunner Records – home to hard rock and metal acts like Slipknot and Nickelback – to drop her. Palmer, who released her solo debut Who Killed Amanda Palmer last fall, debuted a new song at a recent tour stop in Fort Laurderdale dedicated to her current label bluntly called Please Drop Me. The song which is set to the music of Moon River included explicitly direct lyrics – Please drop me/I don’t fit on your roster/I’m tired of this pointless shit/Please drop me/What do I have to do/I’m tired of sucking corporate dick. Ouch, but do you blame her for wanting out of a label that is home to Nickelback?

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  1. If Dylan was a Mensch he’d be at that Pete Seger’s 90th birthday bash along with everyone else whose even semi-folk

  2. It’s strange that the man who sang the hymns to Reaganomics (born in the USA) is attempting to find his way into the folk tradition set by gutrie, dylan, and baez. Sprinsteen is “Mr. hughs standing in Dylan’s shoes”

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