Cover Wars: March Madness – The Finals

Now, we’re not going to give guidance on how you should judge each entry. Vote for whatever cover you want for whatever reason you want. The polls close at 11:59PM EDT on Monday night. If you feel like sharing your choices, let us know which covers you picked by leaving a comment below…

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9 Responses

  1. Ok, I know it’s Jerry and all… But the now is for the living, and I have to vote for the boys that can make me so happy for 5 bucks at a street fest. Love the Blotto!!

  2. hmmm…it’s a vote for NOW..for a band,who is STILL playing.garcia-grisman is-sorry-a DEAD thing. boys of mr.blotto!you’re doing a great job with the version of”50 ways..”..keep on “covering”’s always a pleasure to hear new shows in the ARCHIVE.from germany:axel

  3. Blotto is a great cover-band, no doubt, and some of their finest jobs are grateful-dead covers. But Garcia-Grisman is a ligue above, sorry axel. 2nd for Mr. Blotto is not too bad, I think. See you tomorrow at grafenstreet.

  4. mr. blotto is NOT a cover band…yep…like most bands they do “covers”..& do them in their own style & 1st class too…BUT…they have written & composed the majority of the tunes you’ll hear @ any given mr. blotto gig….so check ’em out : )

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