Pullin’ ‘Tubes: A True WTF Video

From here, our hero Mickey gets tossed into a confessional with Father Guido Sarducci, while the “holy one” lights up a cigarette. Whatever happened to Sarducci anyways? He must be playing the Chinese Buffet casino circuit with Gallagher.

Around the 2:00 mark you have Slick babbling marbles while former Hot Tuna ace and former Jerry Garcia collaborator Pete Sears barks back in his best gimp surrender. Jerry would be proud. Then later former Jerry Garcia Band drummer Donny Baldwin (and Starship drummer) makes a dent in the biggest “wtf” scene of the video. At around 2:18 he awakes from sleeping with his oriental fe-male wannabe geisha friend and starts doing weigh curls in bed. Ok…

Perhaps the joke is on us, does this five minute video have an actual story to it? No way out of what? They sure don’t make em like this anymore.

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