Land of Confusion: It’s Alright, Ma (or is it)?

“It blows the minds most bitterly”

Devastation. Death. Smoke. Debris. Millions of thoughts were running through my mind. What was happening? Who could do this? Why Oklahoma City? Why now? Why? Why? Why? And to be completely honest — I still don’t understand it.

“With killers pride, security”

To this day the Oklahoma City bombing stands to be the largest domestic terrorist attack on our nation. Prior to the 9/11 attacks it was the deadliest terrorist attack on our country. A few hours later, a former U.S. soldier was pulled over in Perry, Oklahoma, for driving without a license plate. His name was Timothy McVeigh.

“Bent out of shape from society’s pliers”

The attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building is said to be a response to the U.S. governments handling of the Waco siege that had taken place two years prior – to the day.

What causes a former soldier to attack his own country? And with such brute force? What is the motivation or influence? Was it the first Gulf War? Was it our government and the society it has created? He is quoted as saying that the bombing was revenge for “what the U.S. Government did at Waco and Ruby Ridge.” He had traveled to Waco during the siege but he was never a member of Branch Davidians. How do you feel about this as a reaction to his dissent with the government?

“Human gods aim for their mark”

Since the Waco incident a chain reaction of sorts has started with the date April 19 and the issue of gun control. There is still controversy over who fired the first shots in Waco. Timothy McVeigh was a member of the N.R.A. and heavily involved with the gun culture in our country. The Columbine massacre was reported to have originally been planned for April 19, 1999. The students were said to have been influenced by Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and Marilyn Manson. Then of course, the Virginia Tech shooter is said to have been influenced by the Columbine incident.

“Toy guns that spark”

In conclusion, LoC wants to know where you stand on gun control in our country and what influences Americans to hurt other Americans intentionally. What influences these decisions to hurt others? We are exposed to violence and death everyday on the 5 o’clock news, so who’s to say that doesn’t have more of an influence on people and their decisions rather than music, movies, and video games (which is often used as a scape goat to justify people’s actions)? For argument’s sake take a listen to Todd Snider’s The Ballad of the Kingsmen.

Now contrast that with Drowning Pool’s Bodies (Let The Bodies Hit The Floor).


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4 Responses

  1. why would you want one entity to have a monopoly on force by taking guns away?
    monoopolies are bad and only possible via govt action

    there is no right to own a gun, smoke, drink, etc. all rights are property rights, even so called human rights. the only way the concept of rights work and prevent one right from encroaching on another is if you look at this issue as a property right.

  2. We have a small problem with the Second Amendment, see recent Supreme Court cases. It prevents us from having common-sense regulation.

    Plus, true gun nuts think that a law passed in an urban center to ban handguns (or automatic weapons, etc.) means that the “government” is going to come and take their hunting rifles away. Makes it impossible to have common sense regulations when any local law gets the national (NRA) dander up.

    America has always been a pretty violent place. It’s better now than it ever has been, no? Cities are safer, etc. These shootings, columbine, VT, the Amish girls, are horribly tragic. I personally find the idea that anyone can walk up to a table at a gun show and walk away with a deadly (and designed to kill humans) weapon ridiculous. That people with mental illness have easy access to weapons is just plain wrong.

    People should never forget that terrorists come in all colors and spout all kinds of excuses for their cowardly, murderous acts.

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