Friday for the Foodies: Russ & Daughters

I only wish that I wasn’t going to be out of the country for this, otherwise I would so be signing up for it.  Good thing I can always walk over to the store and get my fix filled.

Russ & Daughters
179 East Houston Street NYC

Other Foodie related stories this week:

QVC is looking for Culinary Experts. Are you qualified? (via The Strong Buzz)

Superchef brings us an interview with Lidia Bastianich who is Chairperson of this year’s James Beard Foundation Gala.

nytimesfood (Diner’s Journal) Philip Ward of Mayahuel responds to reader questions about mezcal, tequila and cocktails (via twitter, you can find me here on twitter).

Looking for an alternative to hot sauces?  How about trying Sid Wainer & Son Chili Oil. (via slashfood)

Talk about a foodie paradise, check out these pictures The Kitchn has of the Nishiki Market in Kyoto, Japan.

The Feedbag poses the question: Is Kimchi the New Salsa?

Once again Ed Levine Eats brings us Learn It, Don’t Burn It: NYC Food Classes, 4/23 to 5/1.

Epicurious tells of the The Culinary Quirks of Lou Reed and Keith Richards.

A Bite of the Big Apple is taking place at the The Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea April 30th. (via ZagatBuzz)

Do you think you could handle The Sasquatch Burger at The Lodge in Scottsdale?

Happy Eating, Until next week…

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