Video: The Dead – Sugar Magnolia (Letterman)

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  1. zzzz….huh, wha? I just had a bad dream that Jerry Garcia died and the remaining members of Grateful Dead formed a Muzak band. Seriously, Why Oh Why do these fine musicians not hire someone that can sing these beautiful songs without sounding like he’s trying to squeeze a turd through a straw?

  2. @tigerballsoff – might wanna do a tad bit of research before u rant in the comments.

    “Sugar Magnolia” was written by Robert Hunter & Bob Weir and the lead has always been sung by…Bob Weir.

    Therefore the song is indeed being sung as close to the original as possible. No need to hire a Jerry replacement like you oddly recommended as, Jerry didn’t sing this song. You can knock Bobby’s vocals for not sounding good based on his age, phrasing, or what have you, but as far as authenticity goes, for “Sugar Magnolia”, that’s as close as you can get.

  3. I actually thought they sounded pretty good here. I don’t see Warren getting dissed I just see Letterman being ignorant to who Warren is. It didn’t look awkward. Warren is probably has the most talent out of any of the guys on the stage.

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