Last Week’s Sauce: April 19th – 25th

Artist & Title: Garaj Mahal – “New Tune”
Date & Venue: 2009-04-23 – Port City Music Hall, Portland ME
Taper & Show Download: Ted Gakidis

Garaj Mahal recently released their album Woot, and they are already working on a new one that has yet to be mixed. This selection is from the latter and bassist Kai Eckhardt warned it, “Might be a little rough around the edges”. I didn’t catch a song title. The band plays tonight in Falls Church VA.


Artist & Title: Jason Mraz – Live High
Date & Venue: 2009-04-20 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne Australia
Taper & Show Download: Adam

You might not expect it, but yes – Jason Mraz allows taping. In fact there are over 300 shows up on the Live Music Archive. And this tape sounds great. Now, I’m not familiar at all with the repertoire of Mraz, but I was looking at the setlist…saw 4/20, saw a song called Live High and figured why not? I believe this also marks our first international tape to make Last Week’s Sauce. Jason is back in the States and playing tomorrow night in Alabama.


Artist & Title: Jimmy Herring Band – Splash High
Date & Venue: 2009-04-24 – The Handlebar, Greenville SC
Taper & Show Download: Jimbo Pollock

Jimmy Herring always makes my list anytime I am prompted to make a Top 10 guitarists or Top 5 living guitarists, everything he touches is amazing. His current touring band features: Oteil Burbridge (bass), Jeff Sipe (drums), Greg Osby (saxophone), and Scott Kinsey (keyboards). Herring has dates running through May and then picking up again in June. This is Jimmy’s first opportunity to tour supporting his 2008 solo disc Lifeboat, and the track featured is also on the album.


Artist & Title: Perpetual Groove – Downside
Date & Venue: 2009-04-24 – The Dame, Lexington KY
Taper & Show Download: Paul (PGroove_Lotus_Fan)

This selection here is a relatively new song to the PGroove repertoire; it was debuted in January of this year. No official information on it yet, but word is the band have a new album coming out soon. A friend of HT had an advanced listen and had very good things to say about it and the direction of the songwriting. These guys next play May 7th in Austin, TX.


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4 Responses

  1. Haha, I dunno – maybe it is.

    That whole “smiling to myself | waving with my free hand” line always made me think otherwise. My apologies to Reid if I have dirtied up his tune!

  2. reid sucks. aod hasn’t written one good song, he’s hanging on to the magic that strangefolk had and he abandoned.

  3. don’t hate on reid they’re his songs regardless of what band he plays them with, he has written some great post strangefolk songs; samuel aging, lost & amazed, and stone choir are a few.

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