Preview: The Phish Take Fenway

Foreplay / Longtime – Boston

Why – The song is written by the apropos classic rock group, Boston, and makes reference to the fact that it has in fact been such a longtime since they have played in Boston – and for many a fan, since they have seen them play at all. Furthermore, Phish last played the song to open a run at another nearby Massachusetts venue, Great Woods, on 7/12/99 after a long hiatus from the venue. The band last played Foreplay/Longtime 171 shows ago.

When – Most likely, if this song gets played, it would be for the show opener.

Likelihood – It’s definitely possible, but not highly likely. The Boston opener would make the show an instant classic, but with Great Woods just a week away, they may save it. Or they may not play it all.

Waste – Phish

Why – With the Dave Matthews Band playing Fenway the preceding two nights, there is a very strong chance for a special guest appearance of Dave or some his fellow band mates. Amongst Phish songs, Waste seems to be Dave’s favorite tune to perform as he is known to bust it out at his own shows with some regularity.

When – In the past, Dave Matthews appearances with Phish have generally come in the encores, so that is probably our best bet.

Likelihood – The chance of a Dave Matthews appearance or any of the other DMB bandmembers looks pretty good, but there is really no telling what they might play. Waste is a good bet, but they also might opt for some mutual ground like one of the DMB’s rotational covers like All Along the Watchtower, the Maker, or perhaps a Bob Marley tune.

The Star Spangled Banner – Francis Scott Key

Why – Any night at the ballpark should start with the singing of our national anthem.

When– This would most likely open the show with an a capella rendition with the whole crowd joining in to sing along. Don’t forget to take your hats off, fellas.

Likelihood – The band is known to break out the anthem in patriotic settings, so I would not put it past them.

Centerfield – John Fogerty

Why – There’s a million baseball themed tunes that could be lumped into this theme here like Yaz Song – the Carl Yastrzemski tune by longtime Boston radio DJ Jess Cain, Bill Lee – Warren Zevon’s homage to the Red Sox Pitcher with the same name from 1969-1978,  Shot Heard Round the World by Ween, or As We Walk to Fenway Park in Boston Town by Jonathan Richman. Simply put, Fogerty raised the bar and wrote one of the great songs in modern history. If the boys are gonna bust out a baseball song, I have to believe they go with Centerfield. Plus, this song is damn fun to play on the guitar and the crowd could handle the clapping introduction.

When – This one could fall anywhere, but I would guess somewhere in the thick of the first set.

Likelihood – This is total long shot.

Boston – Vampire Weekend

Why – There is really no chance that Phish would play this, but it does seem like something we might hear over the PA.

When – Before, after, or in between sets.

Likelihood– Extremely doubtful.

Tweezer – Phish

Why – As you all know, during the short video production announcing Phish’s date at Fenway Park, the park’s organ player segued from Take Me Out to the Ballgame into Tweezer Reprise on the house organ.

Likelihood – The odds on Tweezer seem pretty promising. Hopefully, Phish will get the organ player involved or better yet, get Page on the house organ.

When – The aforementioned possibility of the Dave Matthews collaboration makes this a little tougher to call as the Tweezer Reprise encore would not really fit with the guest appearance in the encore. Still, the Tweezerfest could still fall in the second set.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Tin Pan Alley

Why – Well it is a baseball stadium and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is pretty much the theme song for American baseball.

When– What is the Phish show equivalent of the 7th inning stretch? Seems like this would make for a good 2nd set opener or maybe even a Fishman tune.

Likelihood– If the Star Spangled Banner gets called upon, this one would likely get passed over as one or the other would probably be sung a capella. Alternatively, they could perhaps take an instrumental crack at it or even try a bluegrass rendition like Sam Bush plays. Overall, this is another long shot.

Roadrunner – The Modern Lovers

Why – Not only did Phish also open Great Woods on 9/11/00 with this tune, but the lyrics are clear crowd pleasers for the local set with lines like “I’m in love with Massachusetts” and “I’m in love with rock & roll and I’ll be out all night.”

When – While Roadrunner opened the show the only other time Phish performed it, this time around it might be more likely to fit in the middle of a set when it is less expected.

Likelihood – In terms of the material, the song is pretty straightforward basic punk rock, but it is definitely a cool song and includes a good keyboard part for Page. Still, this seems more like a one-and-done cover for Phish.

What do you think Phish will play at Fenway? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

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31 Responses

  1. the boys are back in town by thin lizzy…. that was my call for hampton and im sticking to it

  2. This list started off strong, and then was a total waste of time.

    Down with disease might seem untimely if Swine Flu doesn’t phase out by then.

  3. What about “Dirty Water” by The Standells? (More famously by The Rolling Stones)

    I love that dirty water……ohhhhhhh Boston you’re my home! Down by the river Charles.

  4. Dirty water is usually house music at the end of a sox game. I’m guessing the same for phish.

    Am I the only one who actually DOESN’T want to hear phish muddle through Foreplay?

    Don’t know if any of you cats live up here, but that freakin’ song is on the radio like every day. Trust me, “Boston” the band is not actually cool.

  5. This is gonna be my first ever Phish show, and as a life-long Sox fan, I couldn’t be more excited for my first show to be at Fenway Park… On a side note, I’d dig seeing the Sox Bullpen percussion ensamble jamming out

  6. I am going to guess JIBOO only because we didnt hear it in Hampton. I like the song.. not love. Mikes Bass is sick in it.

  7. “Trust me, “Boston” the band is not actually cool.”


    One of the greatest debut albums of all time and also the first song I saw Phish play live.

  8. “This song was written by Carl Yastrzemski”

    -Mike Gordon during the intro of Weigh and also I Am Hydrogen, 4/21/92

  9. With Treys sister passing recently, she worked on the seven below arts initiave at the barn. I think this song will make it into the first show…can’t believe summer tour is so close

  10. this is the stupidest freakin article i have every read. you freakin newbies need to get a clue. not repeat covers, not guest appearances and certaining no douche bag dave matthews. hope ur not sitting next to me on the field.

  11. We’ll definitely get a Harry Hood. Pretty good chance of Mound, 7 below, Foreplay/Longtime, and a Tweezer. Maybe a Lizard, Curtain, Crackin’ Rosie and Golgi. I would love to see While my Guitar Gently Weeps…the Hampton cover gives me goosebumps still. My opener prediction is Horn. Closer Ride Captain Ride, Sweet Adeline. Screw Sweet Caroline

  12. Definite ‘Mound”….”Chalkdust” makes sense….what about ‘Lawnboy” or “Dirt”….both titles could reckoned to be baseball-field related, like the first two. I definitely smell a one-off cover opener….maybe “House Party” or something else by the Mighty J.Geils Band, the greatest Boston band ever.

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