Q&A: Marc Brownstein Talks Bisco Inferno

HT: How did you decide what artists would be on the bill at Bisco Inferno?

MB: Well, we wanted to slather it on and just make it a party that couldn’t be missed. Instead of only getting two openers, we wanted two openers and four set break DJs so that the music would roll continuously through the night. Lotus has gotten really big in the last few years, the New Deal are always a treat for our fans, RJD2 worked really well in Chicago, and we figured ‘let’s give it a chance’.

Z-trip is really popular in Colorado and was suggested by a few friends. Orchard Lounge always throws down a huge party and the last few times we played with them the shows were huge. And Oakenfold – well that was a no brainer. When we heard he wanted to play at this show, we invited him immediately. I mean, the guy has sold out red rocks himself (twice!).

HT: What other shows have you seen at Red Rocks?

MB: I went to see STS9 there last year. When I saw it with my own eyes, a band contemporary to ours, raging the rocks, I knew it wouldn’t be long until we had a shot. And nine months later here we are!

HT: Now that you can cross Red Rocks off of the list of headlined venues. What’s next on your list of places you’d love to play?

MB: The moon.

The Biscuits head west in a little over a week for Bisco Inferno before coming back east for a run of shows that brings them to Providence on June 3rd, Buffalo on June 4th, Cleveland on June 5th and an appearance at Baltimore’s Starscape Festival on June 6th. For more information on Bisco Inferno and all of the Disco Biscuits summer shows head to the band’s website.

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11 Responses

  1. Wasn’t this the nutsack who said something dickish about what opener Phish would be playing at Hampton?

    Nice flat brim, brah.

  2. Well considering I was standing behind him at Hampton on night 2, I can say he’s a fan. I drove from VA to CO to see the first Inferno in 01 and it was one of my best shows ever. Go Brownie.

  3. wow- you guys are total dicks. Marc is a bigger Phish fan that any of you people….go be negative elsewhere….

  4. Pretty sure that was that he didn’t care WHAT Phish played at Hampton. I mean, which matters more, what a band plays or HOW the band plays? Now fuck off of my biscuit article. I didn’t know Oakenfold asked to come play. That’s pretty freaking sweet. Now go click the blue words “The Thieving Magpie” and learn something. I’d totally go see a raging astronaut on the very moon. Let me know when tickets go on sale Brownie.

  5. inferno is gonna kick out some serious jams no matter what and brownstein is a mofuckin badass bass player who cares what kind of hat he wears ill be raging next friday at ogden with biscuits and you guys will be sittin at home hatin on some more articles

  6. the very moon at camp bisco 2008 was amazing, and hot air balloon 12-27-01 recher theater is one of the best live instrumentals of all time

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