Crusade to Save Rock: A Rocker’s Lament

Another cause I attribute to the demise of rock is this insidious war on drugs. While every person must make their own tough choices about drug use, one thing is for sure, the music does tend to sound better after blowing a big phatty. Kids today just aren’t hanging out, huffing 4 foot Graphics bong hits and letting Dark Side of the Moon wash over them in waves. There’s too much sex and simplicity, not enough poetry and complexity. These complexities seem to clarify after a couple of stems and a cap.

Finally, I’m just gonna come right out and say it… put down the controller!!!! The video game has replaced the Saturday night date. Fellas, seriously, what’s up with that? I hate to say it guys, but we don’t care how you did in last night’s Gears of War tournament… and neither do the ladies. There’s no difference between the Pong the I grew up with and the Madden 2009 that you’re playing today. It’s a slack-jawed, mind numbing, anti-social affair that is doing all of the thinking for you. Maybe the war on drugs should include fighting Nintendo, XBox, Playstation and the rest of them. These games sure do fry some minds, albeit in a more temporary fashion.

So what can we do? We can take action. Go see a band. Become a fan. Send the band an email. Get excited. Buy their t-shirts. Let their live show take you on that circuitous one night journey. Share their recorded music with a friend or, (God forbid), buy their CD or mp3. If you already do these things, then bring a friend and let them become a part of your scene. Get a designated driver, put down the controller, get a date, and drag your ass to a show. See you there!!!!!

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2 Responses

  1. DUI laws and the war on drugs? Seriously?
    The war on drugs has been going on for 40 years. And are you actually saying putting more drunks behind the wheel would be a good thing to invigorate live music?
    The record label-arena days are over and never coming back. When anyone can make a record, video, website/promo, and play live it becomes a niche market.
    And asking people to put down the video games is like record execs trying to stop file sharing.
    The lesson is you can’t force your taste on others.
    The people who like music will find it – but there are far, far less of them since we don’t need the radio-TV-record labels dictating what we like and forcing their taste on us.

  2. “First and foremost, DUI laws have absolutely pounded the live music scene.” – The worst sentence ever written on this website. In reality, the sentence is completely accurate if you change just one word. First and foremost DUI laws have absolutely saved the live music scene by saving the lives of many of our future musicians and their families. Ever hear of public transportation? Or do music fans only live in suburban sprawl and feel they have to drive to hear live music? Or is driving part of the band scene?

    How about you stick to writing music…

    And HT – can’t we just get more GSW and less of this unedited craptacular dribble?

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