God Street Wednesday: Assorted Links

GSW guitarists Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell teamed up to play a few songs at Mexicali this past Saturday night and our friend Michael Weiss was in attendance. He shot this quick clip of Lo & Aaron rocking Mile By Mile…

Also, in keeping with last week’s theme of International God Street Wine, we wanted to point you in the direction of a German magazine named Sonic Reducer. The latest issue contains a terrific interview with Lo conducted by our pal Sascha Knapek. Head over to their website to download a PDF of issue #13. While most of the magazine is written in German, Sascha left the Lo interview in English.

Finally, our show of the week is another pristine soundboard from Eric Budke’s collection – 10/08/1993. This show took place at the Municipal Cafe in Hartford and I’d suggest feasting your ears on the Who’s Driving, Bring Back The News > Goodnight Gretchen sequence that kicks off the second set – 28 sublime minutes of God Street right there my friends.

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8 Responses

  1. what a great night. loved the fortress of solitude.

    setlist for the night

    Lo & Aaron
    – Borderline
    – Mile x Mile
    – Fortress of Solitude

    Lo, Aaron & Eccofision
    – Get on the Train
    – Waiting for the Tide
    – Goodnight Gretchen
    – Day in the Life
    – Feather
    – Nightengale

  2. Did anyone tape this? Also, will anyone be taping the GSW (“reunion”) memorial peformance tomorrow?

    Please say yes!

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