Pullin’ ‘Tubes: A Little O-Head Face Time

With Scotty, myself and the rest of the HT crew taking in most or all of Phish’s first six shows of their Summer tour we almost let the fact that Bonnaroo kicks off in a mere few days slip past us. Fear not folks now that we’re back in front of our computers screen full time we have some great coverage planned for you of all things ‘Roo – including a full slate of ‘Tubes.

Much like Desmond Hume is to Daniel Faraday, Trey Anastasio seems to be Bonnaroo’s constant having appeared on the bill an astounding six times in the festie’s short history. While Phish makes their ‘Roo debut this year, Ernie has appeared with TAB, G.R.A.B. and as part as Dave Matthews & Friends, but let’s head back to 2006 for this one-off reunion of the Anastasio/Claypool/Copeland super group Oysterhead for a ripping version of Little Faces…

Phish will play twice over the course of the weekend, first hitting the What Stage at 11 PM on Friday night and again on Sunday for a full two-set show – though we fully expect the boys to taking advantage of their day-off on Saturday with a number of interesting sit-in options available.

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