June 9, 2009

Phish Asheville: Setlist & Open Thread

Our pal Mark Wilson will be tweeting live from Asheville tonight for @YEMblog and if I can keep my eyes open I’ll live blog @GlideMag

June 9, 2009
Asheville Civic Center
Asheville, NC

Set 1: Kill Devil Falls, The Moma Dance, Sample In A Jar, Stash, Dog Faced Boy, Gumbo, Tube, Lengthwise, The Divided Sky, When The Cactus Is In Bloom, Bold As Love

Set 2: Backwards Down The Number Line, Ghost > Fast Enough For You > Halley’s Comet > Maze, Alaska, Theme From The Bottom, Golgi Apparatus, Possum

Encore: Loving Cup

[via @YEMblog]

Lots of banter from Trey throughout the middle of the first set about Fish’s journals. Fishman kept a journal while the band toured in the early years and Trey would “steal” Fishman’s thoughts and put them to music.

READ ON for stats on the songs played tonight in Asheville…

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Review: Phish Find Their Footing In Camden

The hoards of people surging towards the gates of the venue at Camden – who knows the amphitheater is called this year – were ready for the show. They were screaming and whooping in waves, overcome with anticipation and the spoils of a glorious, sunny day on the lot at a Phish concert.


[All photos by Jeff Volckhausen]

It was the sound of the circus come to town, and it brought with it a smile – it was a sound missing at Jones Beach, despite how truly excellent those three nights were. Inside, the place was packed from the stage lip to the fences as Phish hit the stage running with Chalk Dust Torture, followed by a stellar version of Fee during which Trey flubbed the lyrics, started laughing and then joined with Page for a rich, deeply hued jam that grew and glowed organically, reds and purples across the stage and ember colors creeping from behind the cloud cover over the Philly skyline. It was unique, and a sign of things to come.

To start the improv in Wolfman’s Brother, Fishman set to dancing brightly, drawing everyone else into his groove. The guitar was lacing between Mike’s slapping lines, a clavinet spilling over top it all, and eventually Trey swung the lead up and cut loose, wailing to a shattering peak – the second in what would be a night of stellar thematic jams.

READ ON for more of Dan’s thoughts on Phish @ Camden…

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Cover Wars: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall Edition

Navigating traffic on the way to Phish at Jones Beach last Friday, myself and four friends in the car started naming a bunch of great “rain” related Phish songs that could be played in honor of the impending weather. They didn’t play any of our ideas. Though I did take away my next selection for CW and that is this song off of the 1963 album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

Cover Wars

Every webpage out there supplying information on this song is quick to point out that the structure of the lyrics is based upon an old Scottish ballad titled Lord Randall. Have a look at the first verse…

O where hae you been, Lord Randall, my son?
O where hae you been, my handsome young man?
I hae been at the greenwoods, mother, make my bed soon.
For I’m wearied wi’ hunting, and fain would lie down.

The Contestants:

Bill Frisell: Leading off this week we’ve got our only instrumental rendition and it’s from one of the greatest living guitarists, Bill Frisell. Bill has got a lot of great folk/rock instrumental covers out there, I am particularly fond of his performances of I Heard It Through The Grapevine and Have A Little Faith. Source: East/West


READ ON for the rest of this week’s Cover Wars contestants…

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Tour Dates: Aerosmith Plays With Toys

As we previously mentioned, this summer two powerhouse classic rock acts from the ’70s – Aerosmith and ZZ Top – will join forces for a lengthy summer run playing a

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Video: String Cheese Incident Rehearsal

SCI keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth posted this clip of his band rehearsing for their upcoming appearance at the Rothbury Festival… String Cheese Incident – Outside & Inside

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Gear Up For The Big Surprise Tour

Born out of a deep running comradery built on countless tours and ties between a host of excellent musicians comes THE BIG SURPRISE TOUR, a traveling show of epic collaboration

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Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – Catnip Dynamite

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger Roger Joseph Manning Jr. will have to add ‘Guru’ to his list of titles.  While discussing the release of his latest album, Catnip Dynamite (Oglio), Manning waxes philosophical on the virtues of self-reliance and individuality, themes that have more or less defined his career and have equipped him with a razor-sharp focus in articulating his profound musical message time and again.

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