Red Sox Prospect Loves The Phish

Back in April we told you about Red Sox prospect Lars Anderson’s appreciation of the Grateful Dead and at the time we wondered whether he was into Phish as well. In an NECN interview, the first baseman – currently playing at Double-A Portland – mentions that he wished he could’ve caught the newly-reunited jammers at their recent Fenway show…

While Anderson has been struggling to start the season, he has been picking it up lately and there’s no denying his immense talents. As much as I hope he doesn’t become the answer for the Sox at first base, it seems inevitable to me. We can’t wait to see what tunes the House P.A. will pump at Fenway Park when he steps to the plate for the first time.

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  3. I always dug that Jacobe Ellsbury came out to Cherub Rock… Mike Lowell coming out to Iron Man was pretty bad ass too

  4. nice Scotty–this kid is the real deal. I’ve seen him play a couple times up here. Glad to know he’s hip to good music.

    and I agree that Lowell coming out to Iron Man is by far the coolest on the team.

  5. Off subject, but the Vancouver Canucks jam Chalkdust Torture to get the fans riled up. They are now my 2nd favorite team.

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