Phish Asheville: Setlist & Open Thread

Song Stats:
Kill Devil Falls LTP – 06/05/2009, Debut – 6/2/09, Total Times Played – 3
The Moma Dance LTP – 05/31/2009, Debut – 06/30/1998, Music – Phish Lyrics – Marshall
Sample In A Jar LTP – 05/31/2009, Debut – 02/04/1993, Anastasio/Marshall
Stash LTP – 05/31/2009, Debut – 09/13/1990, Anastasio/Marshall
Dog Faced Boy LTP – 08/10/2004, Debut – 04/14/1994, Anastasio/Fishman/Marshall/McConnell
Tube LTP – 06/07/2009, Debut – 09/13/1990, Anastasio/Fishman
Gumbo LTP – 03/07/2009, Debut – 09/28/1990, Anastasio/Fishman
Lengthwise LTP – 07/28/1998, Debut – 11/19/1992, Fishman
The Divided Sky LTP – 06/04/2009, Debut – 08/09/1987, Anastasio/Daubert/Marshall
When The Cactus Is In Bloom LTP – Debut, B. Monroe
Bold As Love LTP – 10/06/2000, Debut – 07/11/1988, Hendrix
Backwards Down The Number Line LTP – 06/05/2009, Debut – 03/06/2009, Anastasio/Marshall
Ghost LTP – 06/04/2009, Debut – 06/13/1997, Anastasio/Marshall
Fast Enough For You LTP – 08/15/2004, Debut – 11/19/1992, Anastasio/Marshall
Halley’s Comet LTP – 03/07/2009, Debut – 05/17/1986 Nancy
Maze LTP – 03/08/2009, Debut – 03/06/1992 Anastasio/Marshall
Alaska LTP – Debut, Anastasio/Marshall (?)
Theme From The Bottom LTP: 06/05/2009 Debut: 05/16/1995 Phish/Marshall #phish
Golgi Apparatus LTP: 06/06/2009, Debut: 10/15/1986 Anastasio/Abrahams/Marshall/Szuter/Woolfe
Possum LTP: 06/06/2009 Debut: 10/30/1985 Holdsworth
Loving Cup LTP: 06/02/2009 Debut: 02/03/1993 Jagger/Richards

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13 Responses

  1. These streams are illegal and a disservice to the band. Not a good representation of what is actually happening on stage. Otherwise, Awesome looking show!

  2. Great site, guys. Not sure if this is kosher, but I wanted to let you and your readers know that I’ve got 2 extra Lawns and 2 extra Reserved for the Saturday Alpine Valley show (6/20), and 4 extra Lawns for Sunday (6/21). Please let me know if you’re interested…

    Thanks, and enjoy tonight’s show!

  3. “zappafrank – interesting point.I see both sides of the coin, but I have made the decision not to embed any streams on either HT or YEMblog.”

    Thanks. I just feel they do more harm than good. Imaging being somebody who is marginally into Phish and checking out this stream, only to hear a scratchy, lifeless audio source. What kind of impression would that make on you? In my opinion you would be less likely to seek out this band’s music after hearing this representation. Hopefully Phish will once again be at the forefront of technology and look into streaming shows. Much like Moogis of course, but hopefully not the “all or nothing” policy that Moogis had for ABB.

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