Last Two Week’s Sauce: June 28th – July 11th

Artist & Title: Future Rock – Die Junge Ein, Kelly Watch The Stars
Date & Venue: 2009-06-28 Church of Universal Love and Music, Acme PA
Taper & Show Download: Brian Porter

I try to include as much original music in Last Week’s Sauce as I can. So that’s why I have chosen Die Junge Ein off of Future Rock’s 2007 album Gears. But I also really like their cover of Air’s Kelly Watch The Stars, so they get two songs this week. Future Rock’s next show is on Saturday July 25th at Wicker Park Fest in Chicago.


Artist & Title: Nate Wilson – Scatterbrain
Date & Venue: 2009-07-01 Muddy River Smoke House, Portsmouth NH
Taper & Show Download: SmokinJoe

The Nate Wilson Group has a new record out titled Unbound and this is a track from it. The band has a lot of upcoming tour dates in the Northeast including tonight at the Muddy River Smoke House in Portsmouth NH, gig number three of a nine week residency.


Artist & Title: The New Mastersounds – Thermal Bad
Date & Venue: 2009-07-11 Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY
Taper & Show Download: Taylor Caine

This is a track off the 2008 album from The New Mastersounds titled Plug & Play. The New Mastersounds next US tour date is July 28th in Vail Colorado. The group was also among the recently announced artists for Jam In The Dam 2010.


Artist & Title: Umphrey’s McGee – The Floor
Date & Venue: 2009-07-11 All Good Music Festival, Masontown WV
Taper & Show Download: Timothy Brown

The Floor has very quietly become a new jam vehicle for Umphrey’s McGee. The intro section is getting longer and longer and this version from the All Good Music Festival is no exception. UM plays tonight in Des Moines and this weekend will be opening two more shows for the Dave Matthews Band at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. I really hope this time around Jake Cinninger gets the invite from Dave to come out and shred on something.


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