The Number Line: Leftover Phish Stats

7 – Shows within 150 miles of New York City
6 – Total Lyric Changes (Ya Mar 12/5 “naked pa” Antelope 12/5 “naked guy”, Antelope 12/2 “Mike”, Antelope 11/29 “Prince”, Antelope 11/25 “Mike”, Cities 11/25 “Thanksgiving”)
6 – Bluegrass Tunes (Poor Heart, Nellie Cane, MMGAMOIO, Old Home Place, Ginseng Sullivan, Uncle Pen)
5 – Vocal Jams (Sally and the 4 YEMs)
5 – Songs with Numbers in their titles (Twenty Years Later, Two Versions of Me, 46 Days, Seven Below, Character Zero)
4 – Items offered to Rob Harvilla of the Village Voice (Rum, Cigarette, Big Red, Juicy Fruit)
4 – Antelope Lyric Changes: 12/5 “naked guy”, 12/2 “mike”, 11/29 “prince”, 11/25 “mike”
3 – Songs off of Exile On Main Street performed that refer to torn clothes (Torn & Frayed, Loving Cup, Shine A Light)
3 – Fewest letters in a song title Joy, Bug
3 – Number of venues phish played for the first time (Wachovia, JPJ Arena, Cobo)
2 – Shows that opened AC/DC Bag, Chalkdust
1 – Naked Guy Who Jumped on Stage
0 – Daily Papers in the NYC-area that covered the MSG Shows

[Compiled by DaveO, Luke, Andy Kahn, and ScottyB]

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  1. The lyrics in Fluffhead is always one of the dudes singing “Came to my door” and the other singing, “To New York”

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