Stormy Mondays: Classic Kimock

For the second in the ongoing Steve Kimock series here at Stormy Mondays, we go right to the heart of his music with the classic pairing of Cole’s Law > Tangled Hangers. In many ways this duo of songs epitomizes everything fans love about the guitar guru: the dramatic compositions, the free form improvisation and the molten lava playing, not only from Kimock himself, but from the rest of the band as well.


While the pair of tunes spans just about every period of his career, this one comes from SKB in fall of 2002, when the quartet was at the height of its popularity coming off a summer with headlining sets at major festivals. Drummer extraordinaire Rodney Holmes, phenomenal world beat/fusion bassist Alphonso Johnson and Mitch “Moose” Stein on “more guitar” as they used to say, do more than support–this material was every bit their own and they knew it inside & out. It’s a half hour of musical bliss, so as always, enjoy!

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  1. Highly encourage Kimock fans to check out Steve’s project called Banyan w/ Stephen Perkins (jane’s addiction, etc.. drummer) and Willie Waldman and other guests.

    a cool project. There’s some shows on a good one is from Canal Club during Green Apple Weekend in NYC a few years back.

  2. Yeah, the Banyan gigs are hot, great examples of Kimock is full free form improv mode. One will pop up later on in this series.

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