Last Minute Gift Idea: Grateful DeadOpoly

We receive all sorts of CDs, DVDs and assorted materials to review at HT HQ, but it’s not often we receive board games. Yet, there it was, Grateful Deadopoly staring me in the face. This game works like Monopoly with “VIP Passes” replacing “Get Out of Jail” cards, albums and venues replacing Atlantic City streets and “The Parking Lot” replacing “Free Parking.”


How it works is that you start off with your token (choose from Bob Weir’s dog Otis, a tour bus, a guitar or one of the other creative pieces) on Front Street and move around the board trying to purchase the albums or venues using “Dead Bucks” with the goal of putting cheap motels or luxury hotels on the properties you buy. Each card used in the game contains factoids that even the most seasoned Deadheads should find interesting.

Unlike many licensed board games, you could tell plenty of thought went into each aspect of the game, which isn’t surprising considering former GD staffer Debbie Gold put Grateful DeadOpoly together in consultation with Weir and GD roadie Steve Parish. The game is currently available with free shipping through, Dead.Net and plenty of other retailers.

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