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Anyone who pays attention to the jamband radio charts over at either or the Homegrown Music Network surely already knows about Lubriphonic, but since most folks probably do not, here they are. Behind Giles Corey’s muscle-bound guitar work, Joewaun Scott’s Spanx factory bass-lines, and classy accents from the horn section, Lubriphonic shot their way all the way from relative obscurity to #2 and earned themselves the attention of anybody looking to cut up a rug.

In fact, Lubriphonic may well cause a run on Minwax, because their fans keep scuffing up floors all over the Midwest courtesy of about the meatiest blues-funk music since James Brown. We don’t just throw out nods to late great “Soul Brother Number One” on an everyday basis, so you know we mean business. Get a load of this opening riff and you’ll get the idea.


Head for the Hills

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The last band today paid me a nice compliment the other day by asking me to write their band bio, which was pretty flattering given that they tear it up. So, here’s a snippet. What do ya think?

When folks think of Colorado, the obvious bullet points typically come up: the awe-inspiring backdrop of Rocky Mountains, the sporty vibe of the gear-obsessed natives, and of course worm-burnin’ bluegrass. But don’t forget that other lesser-known signature constituent, the green chile burrito — preferably Benny‘s.

Much like this culinary crown of Colorado, which takes the classic ingredients and transforms them into something exquisite, Fort Collins’ Head for the Hills blends the basics that make up a bluegrass band, but combines them into a true one-of-a-kind with just the right amount of flavor, spice, originality, and of course, similar to some melted jack, ability to stretch out. The gifted four-piece follows in the tradition of Colorado Bluegrass in that they split time between paying their dues as purists and tossing that old rulebook in the mountain campfire, as they are no less likely to tear through a Bill Monroe traditional number as they are to launch into an extended minor key improvisational trail blazer.

Like many a group that begins in those formative college years, Head for the Hills blossomed into more than a just band, but a group of indivisible friends with a whimsical spirit about them. Head for the Hills has performed, supported and shared the stage with such notable acts as David Grisman, Sam Bush, Leftover Salmon, The Flaming Lips and Bruce Hornsby. This list speaks volumes by association, but what speaks far louder is the band’s music. Like that green chile burrito we mentioned up top, blending together to form a whole that far exceeds the sum of its parts, Head for the Hills possesses that secret ingredient that puts them above the rest: heart.


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  1. Hey Joe,

    The names of the songs scroll across the player if you wait a sec but they are:

    WWPJ: It’s Thunder and It’s Lighting
    Lubriphonic: Say Something Good
    Head for the Hills: One Foot in the Grave

    Thx for checking em out.

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