GD Vault Opens: Crimson, White & Indigo

The Grateful Dead were firing on all cylinders through much of Summer Tour in 1989 including a stellar performance on an extremely hot July day in Philadelphia, PA. Crimson, White & Indigo, a new DVD/3-CD set, features every note of the blockbuster July 7, 1989 show at JFK Stadium mastered in HDCD (for the audio) and in both Dolby Digital stereo and 5.1 surround (for the DVD) all from the original 24-track analog tapes.


There are plenty of highlights from this all killer, no filler show, which turned out to be the last concert ever at the mammoth 100,00 capacity venue, including a raging Scarlet > Fire second set opening sequence, a gorgeous Standing On The Moon and the best Blow Away ever. Jerry was in fine form both vocally and on the guitar helping to make this a standout gig from beginning to end.

Unlike a few of the Dead’s previous DVD releases, Blair Jackson’s essay mentions this release contains no video effects. We just get multi-camera shots of the band in action and Jackson notes a close of up Phil during the rumbling Other One intro. No word on release date or price yet, but we applaud Rhino for putting out a gem of a show. For now, you can still stream the Healy Matrix Mix of this concert at the Live Music Archive and don’t miss the comments featuring plenty of amazing stories from JFK Stadium.

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  1. That show was so overcrowded. I remember feeling like I might get trampled or crushed to death like at the who in cinci. musically great though.

  2. I can say viewing party. I volunteer to host the Parisian premiere. Also, everyone notes the Truckin’ Up To Buffalo DVD; don’t forget Downhill Form Here from two weeks later.

  3. “….That`s REAL LOVE!”…This CD/DVD,is awsome!Jerry plays a grEat,”Ramble on Rose”and Brent lays down a,simply educational,”Blow Away.”He explains the real meaning of,”Real Love.”Jerry is smiling from ear to ear during Brent`s performance!He played from his heart and it really shows.”Box of Rain>Scarlet>Fire,”opens the 2nd.WOW!Then Jerry`s elegant ballad,”SOTM.”They definetly remind you of how special a GD concert was on this night.Keep puttin`out latter day music,like more `80s/`90s.For its only during these shows,we see and hear what Jerry was trying to succede in putting out.His heart and soul are in the songs and He just would have rathered been with us…as we with him….always.

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