Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB @ The Pageant in St. Louis: Setlist & Discussion

Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB are about to take the stage at The Pageant in St. Louis for a show that will be webcast on iClips. Some fans had issues accessing the site, but once you get connected the video and audio is fantastic. We’ll recap tonight’s setlist here…

Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB
February 23, 2010
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Shine, Push On Til The Day, Cayman Review, Night Speaks to a Woman, Valentine, Alaska, Mozambique, Gotta Jibboo, Tuesday, Kill Devil Falls*, Bathtub Gin*, Backwards Down The Number Line*, Wilson*

Set 2: Simple Twist Up Dave, The Birdwatcher, Drifting, Sand, Let Me Lie, Liquid Time, Money Love and Change, Goodbye Head, Mr. Completely, Black Dog

Encore: Show of Life, First Tube

* – Trey Solo Acoustic

Are you able to watch the show? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

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50 Responses

  1. A couple of tips:

    1. If your iClips’ stream goes out, look at to determin whether it’s down for everyone or just you

    2. The quality of iClips’ stream is solid, be sure to press the full screen button for a bigger picture

  2. Justin,

    I knew we were in trouble when there were all sorts of issues with a paid UM webcast. Can you imagine how much more traffic there is for this free one?

  3. it took me forever to get on, but it happened. It reminded me when bobby and phil first played together again for that dead heads for obama show. they streamed it and it was impossible to get through

  4. scott, i agree. I think in the large arenas the tone sounds a little too sharp for my taste though. But in these smaller venues, it sounds so crisp and clean. In any case, TAB Sounds GREAT! (also lovin the slower Alaska, very groovy)

  5. A few stops and starts, but great especially since I missed KC on Sunday. Phish needs to revisit the open air of Sandstone Amphitheater this summer!

  6. VidaBlue2u – I bet they rock Sandstone this summer. They always loved that place and Trey clearly has some love for KC.

  7. I Live in Saint Louis but couldn’t get a ticket so we hooked up a projector the computer and jammed in our apartment complex together! Thanks iClips!

  8. iClips did well!! GMG – Someone mentioned that a Jam On DJ announced Trey would release soundboards soon. I certainly hope so!

  9. Trying to connect suck – diddly – ucked. Could not connect at all. And what’s the deal with no sbd’s of the tour.

  10. every time i see trey i have even more phun than the last time. i believe im startin to dig on the phish food

  11. It took a few refresh attempts but it finally came up and quality was great. The show itself was fantastic. Trey is absolutely in high gear and loving this band. This is the best outfit Trey’s solo work has seen and it shows. Natalie Cressman is the missing link.

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