HT Interview: Tomo of God Street Wine

SB: After the Ducharme memorial, have you guys played together at all before deciding to go public with the decision to reunite?

TO: Nope, not a note. I promise though, that we will be rehearsing for these Gramercy shows!

[Photo of Tomo rehearsal @ SOJ, NYC 1988 courtesy of TO]

SB: What are the odds GSW will play more shows after the Gramercy dates?

TO: Are you taking bets? The odds of us playing more shows after the Gramercy dates are actually pretty good, as long as you’re not in any hurry but really there’s no way to know when we’ll do this again. Already there have been some very interesting offers streaming in. The reality is that all the guys have very different lives now then we did 10,15 or 20 years ago; jobs, kids, proper responsibilities. There’s a pretty strong pull to stay at home with my family now since I’ve spent most of the years since GSW broke up touring with various projects. So it’s not as simple as booking a tour and heading away for six weeks…or more. Additionally, the fact that I live in Ireland does not make getting together such a simple thing.

Most importantly, I think we’ve all got to really want to play together. It’s got to be fun first and foremost. The five of us are really looking forward to these shows in July and we’ll keep the door open to future possibilities. Anything’s possible as long as it’s fun.

SB:  Have you all kept in touch over the last 10 years since the “Good to the Last Drop” shows?

TO: Sporadically. My touring schedule has brought me to the states a lot over the years so I’ve tried to hook up with the fellows when I play in New York. We’ve had dinner once or twice and they’ve come to some of my gigs. Then there’s the ease of email to drop a quick note about this or that so yes, we’ve kept in touch. As much as you do when you’ve got a new life filled with work and family!

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