Review: Lotus @ Royal Oak Music Theatre

The second set would prove to be a bit more seamless than the first, opening with Suitcases & Sandwiches  bookending Lead Pipe. The opening segment which took the calm riffs built from guitarist’s Rempel, and multi-instrumentalist Luke Miller and skyrocketed back and forth from breakneck speeds of Suitcases & Sandwiches before sliding into the sharp Lead Pipe. A heavy industrial synth-laden Bush Pilot came next, before a longer foray of improvisation in 128.

A highlight of the show, and about the band in general is that, not being familiar with Lotus’ catalogue doesn’t really hinder the listener from enjoying the highly danceable music, or noticing the talent the quintet possesses. Pinpoint segueways are enjoyable even for those unfamiliar as the band slashes through genres in the closing Alkaline -> Sunrain -> Bellwether -> Sunrain sequence. Having both Remple and Luke Miller on guitars provides the band with an amazing depth as they can use a dual harmonizing build or have Miller slide onto keyboards to build groundwork for a buildup like the closing segment returning to the floating Sunrain with veracity and a hell of a lot of momentum for a high energy end to their set.

For an encore, Hammerstrike ended the show on more of a traditional rock note as Remple truly flew off the handle for the first time in the night through his lead solos to finish off the roughly two and a half hour show. Lotus is a sharp band with genre blending material, interesting even for listeners unfamiliar with the band’s specific material, which they have a lot of. Transitions and execution from the Midwest electronic outfit couldn’t be sharper right now and with a balanced two guitar attack that can both control and blend into the sound of the whole, they make for show tinged with genres across the board.

February 25, 2010
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI

Set One: Juggernaut, Golden Ghost, Destroyer, Blacklight Sunflare, Obscene Strategies*, Tip of the Tongue -> Zelda -> Tip

Set Two: Suitcases & Sandwiches -> Lead Pipe -> Suitcases, Bush Pilot, 128, Alkaline -> Sunrain -> Bellwether -> Sunrain

Encore: Hammerstrike

*Trans Am cover

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