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Hello, this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert for your upcoming event sent on behalf of the House of Blues in Boston, MA: The Disco Biscuits scheduled at the House of Blues-Boston on Friday, March 19, 2010 with the doors opening at 7:00PM.

Please note: Following last nights performance, Jon Gutwillig fell backstage and broke his wrist. As a result Jon will not performing tonight. Tonight’s performance will still take place as scheduled with everyone rocking out at the House of Blues. Expect a big party tonight in Boston with special guests and lots of musical treats. Since the band is not at full strength, we are making tonight’s performance a free concert for all ticket holders. Please remember to bring your ticket for entry. Beginning on Saturday, March 20, 2010, your credit card will automatically be credited the ticket price and convenience charges, and should post to your account within 7 to 10 business days. Please note, the $2.95 per order processing fee, any ticketFast, or UPS delivery charges and in-store pick up charges are non-refundable.

Thank you for using Ticketmaster. We appreciate your business and look forward to your continued patronage at the House of Blues in Boston!

More to come soon

9:03 PM: Indobox left the stage five minutes ago
9:51 PM: Lights. Band takes stage
9:51 PM: Barber back on guitar in 2-3 weeks so says the doctor. Triscuit trio to start the set.
9:54 PM: Oname Wa opener
9:55 PM: Brownie addressed the crowd before they started. Said they were fucking around backstage and Barber got hurt.

10:01 PM Brownie welcomes the extended Biscuits family. Chris Michetti. He got a call at 1PM and came to help them out. Warm welcome for Michetti. “long night of music” 3 guitarists. “We’re giving you all of your money back.”
10:03 PM: Park Avenue with Chris Michetti
10:08 PM: More banter from pre-Park Avenue – Michetti was in Vermont when he got the call and listened to the Biscuits the entire way down
10:10 PM: And Brownie didn’t know what day it was. Definitely up all night and said such

10:15 PM: Orch Theme

10:23 PM: Tricycle

10:25PM: Uber Glue, another welcome for Chris. “Living and breathing Disco Biscuits for seven hours.”

10:29PM: Mirrors

10:37 PM: Chris stays onstage. Additional guitarist setup. Brownie starts hating on iPhones. Joe Zarick from Indobox joins the band. Brownie says “don’t worry, they went to Berklee.” Brownie again mentions he didn’t go to sleep before band launches into Helicopters. Zarick handles Barber’s vocals.

10:45 PM: tDB with 2 guitarists that aren’t Barber. Gotta be first time played.

[Photo by B-Bry]

11:01 PM: > Gangster > Helicopters

11:02 PM: Setbreak

11:11 PM: First set was pretty damn good all things considered

11:40 PM: House lights came on and music on PA stopped. Weird.

11:43 PM: House music back on but house lights still on

11:45 PM: Pretty big scene sidestage. Not sure what’s goin’ on. Seems like they can’t figure out how to kill the house lights.

11:46 PM: Brownie joins the huddle sidestage

11:47: One of the Indobox guys comes out and announces the show is over due to technical difficulties.

11:49: Getting ugly. Shit thrown onstage. Brownie front and center trying to calm people down.

11:50: Brownie successful. People start clearing out.

11:51: Scratch that. Shit’s still getting thrown.

Sad to say it looks like that’s it from the House of Blues. I don’t know who the Disco Biscuits pissed off, but this shit only seems to happen to them. That being said, this was a free show and they played a solid 70-minute set under difficult circumstances. Official word on the cancellation – after a forty-minute setbreak – is “technical difficulties that would not let them continue the show.” The Disco Biscuits next play on Sunday night at Brooklyn Bowl.

UPDATE: The Boston Herald published an article today that explains the reason for the closure –

The popular House of Blues and a lot of fans were singing the blues Friday night after Boston Fire Department inspectors briefly closed the club for the second time in a month.

Fire officials said they found clubgoers clogging exits and trash barrels and beer kegs impeding fire escapes.

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10 Responses

  1. Not * Official* but this is what happened…

    Fire marshal was back stage (I think the green room) and said it smelled to much like ganja and he was shutting the show down. Boston police we’re like “Are you serious? There are 3,000 people out there. Kicking them out is more of a hazard!” We was like “Yes.” Show ends! WTF!

    Heard this direct from one of the musicians on stage first set.

  2. just got back. too bad they couldnt have played their second set ’cause park avenue and helix were killer.

    shut down for smoking weed backstage? good thing we decriminalized it on the ballot last year.

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