Monday’s Hors d’Oeuvres: Talkin’ Brews

15-year-old jam fan and music journalist Tyler Curtis often writes about the shows he sees for his The Shakedown Blog. Last week, Tyler posted his interview with guitarist Dave Drouin of The Brew.  Dave and Tyler discussed the band’s past, present and future. Be sure to keep your eyes on The Shakedown Blog for reviews, interviews and more from Tyler Curtis.

Here’s a quick look at six other stories of interest…

Finally, Pete Mason recently created a survey to poll Phish fans about their thoughts on the lot scene to which 123 people responded. Pete posted the results on his PhanArt Blog. It’s interesting to see that 75% of respondees that vend in the lot either break even or make money. My only experience with vending was a brief one when I made tape covers that used the Phish logo in 1995 and was busted by Phish Security within four minutes.

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