Stormy Mondays: Ghosts of Jambands Past

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Ghosts of Jambands Past edition of Stormy Mondays, so this week we’re looking back to August of 1999 and the best small fest in the North East, Berkfest, and the All Star Jam. Featuring John Scofield, Oteil Burbridge, Karl Denson, DJ Logic, Nate Wilson, rhythm guru Bob Moses, Fuzz and others, it’s essentially two half hour jams led by the guitar and turntables: Project Logic’s French Quarter > Cissy Strut and the 80’s era Miles Davis cut Jean Pierre > Chameleon.

What makes this session work is that while there are certainly solos galore, it’s not just a blowing exercise; there’s planety of listening and interplay, and at the time Scofield served as musical director. Also, it’s worth noting that the soundboard drops out in the last minute because a huge storm was driving down on the venue, and they were literally breaking down the stage while band played on. Good, good stuff, so as always, enjoy!

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  1. Anybody remember the year berkfest pulled the plug on the Soulive Revue and Alan went apeshit? I always thought berkfest was a good festival….and easy to sneak into as well.

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