Phish Returns to Late Night TV

Phish fans’ ears perked up a few weeks back when the producers of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon announced a weeklong celebration of Exile On Main Street featuring select musical acts performing one song off the Stones’ album each night. Who better to cover a song from Exile than Phish, who covered the album in its entirety at Festival 8? Today, Billboard reported that Phish indeed will be one of the “select musical acts” on May 13.

Phish’s First Late Night Appearance

The May 13th appearance marks the group’s return to late night television for the first time since 2004. The Billboard article doesn’t make it clear what song Phish will perform, but wisely mentions Loving Cup and Shine A Light as front runners. What song do you think they’ll play?

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  1. I’m hoping for Loving Cup. They should go out there and rip a tune they’ve killed for the past 17 years. It should be the opposite of the Rock Hall performance where they had never played the song before.

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