Last Week’s Sauce: March 22nd – March 28th

Artist & Title: Les Claypool – Cosmic Highway
Date & Venue: 2010-03-21 The Melkweg, Amsterdam NL
Taper & Show Download: retsaot

Watch out for a quick Kashmir tease around the 6:30 mark of this classic track from Claypool’s 2002 release Purple Onion. Les Claypool next plays on April 10th at Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2010, before heading off to Coachella on April 17th.

Video of Amanitas, with an introduction from Les about being in Europe:

Artist & Title: moe. – 32 Things
Date & Venue: 2010-03-27 Spartan Arena, Rutland VT
Taper & Show Download: Mike Salvo

As I often point out in Last Week’s Sauce, I barely have enough time to put this piece together by Wednesday every week given the amount of music there is to sift through. For this reason, I always appreciate it when I can rely on the taper or someone who is quick with a comment or review on a particular recording. In this case it was LMA commenter PaulShniter that helped me pick this track when he simply wrote, “best 32 things of all time”. moe. is playing three shows in Colorado in April, the 15th at The Gothic Theater in Englewood, followed by two nights at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium.

A rare acoustic moe. set:

Artist & Title: Orchestra Morphine – Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
Date & Venue: 2010-03-26 The Middle East, Cambridge MA
Taper & Show Download: Andy Murray

If you missed out on Morphine when frontman Mark Sandman was still with us, it is not too late to experience the music. Rather than sum it up myself, here is the description from the band’s official website:

Orchestra Morphine is a living celebration of the music of Mark Sandman and Morphine, played with heart and commitment by a big band of Mark’s friends. The group includes his Morphine bandmates Dana Colley, Billy Conway and Jerome Deupree, Either/Orchestra leader Russ Gershon, Club d’Elf bassist Mike Rivard, horn player Tom Halter, keyboardist Evan Harriman and vocalists Christian McNeill and Laurie Sargent. Morphine Orchestra formed to play the first Mark Sandman Memorial Concert on July 25, 1999, outdoors at an intersection of Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts – a bastion of clubs and Mark’s musical stomping grounds – that was named Mark Sandman Square in his honor. Since then the Orchestra has toured America and abroad, recording several live albums as testimonials to their travels and, of course, to Mark himself.

Video of Eleven O’clock from the same show:

A & T: Widespread Panic – Surprise Valley > Arleen > I’m Not Alone
Date & Venue: 2010-03-25 House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach SC
Taper & Show Download: Z-Man

Listen to the crowd yelp at the 3:15 mark when they drop into their high-energy cover of Winston Riley’s Arleen. Thanks to Z-Man for the tape and his regular thorough review over at that helped me select this segment of music for The Sauce. WSP next plays at the Wanee Music Festival on April 16th & 17th in Live Oak FL.


Video of Cissy Strut from the same show:

Artist & Title: Wilco – Spiders (Kidsmoke), What’s The World Got In Store
Date & Venue: 2010-03-22 Fillmore, Miami Beach FL
Taper & Show Download: Stuart Tackett

The current tour is being billed as “An Evening With Wilco”. And what an evening it is. The band has been consistently throwing down 30+ tunes, 3+ hours, complete with anywhere from a 7-10 song acoustic section in the middle. Over the past seven shows, Wilco has played 24 different songs in the acoustic portion of their show. Wilco plays tonight at the Scranton Cultural Center.

The word on the street is that security is being instructed to be very strict on photos & video at recent Wilco shows, but this great video has made it to YouTube featuring Someday, Some Morning, Sometime & Laminated Cat (aka Not For the Season):

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