Baseball Preview: Jeff Prystowsky

HT: What teams do you think will win their divisions? (NL East, Central and West; AL East, Central and West)

JP: AL East- NY Yankees, AL Central- Chicago White Sox, AL West- LA Angels
NL East- Philadelphia Phillies, NL Central- St Louis Cardinals, NL West- LA Dodgers

HT: What teams do you think will be the AL and NL Wild Card teams this year?

JP: NL- Chicago Cubs, AL- Baltimore Orioles

For the second part of the preview, we got a little personal…

HT: What’s your favorite baseball team?

JP: St. Louis Cardinals

HT: What makes it great/frustrating to be a fan of your favorite team?

JP: Albert Pujols and Mark Mcgwire

HT: How do you feel about your favorite team’s offseason?

JP: I think they could have done more. Brad Penny was a good pick up.

HT: Do you participate in Fantasy/Rotisserie Baseball? If so, how did your team do last year?

JP: Yes, pretty bad, so don’t follow my picks.

HT: How closely do you follow your favorite team when you’re out on the road?

JP: Very. Split time between car radio, tv’s at venues, and backstage laptoping.


The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin (Bowery Ballroom)

HT: What’s your favorite ballpark memory?

JP: Catching a line drive ripped right at me at Yankee Stadium.

HT: What’s your favorite stadium to visit?

JP: Busch, Fenway Park, Camden Yards.

HT: What’s your favorite ballpark food?

JP: Hot Dog and a beer.

HT: Who is your favorite player (current and/or all-time)?

JP: Sandy Koufax

HT: What player do you love to hate?

JP: Ty Cobb

Many thanks to Jeff for taking the time to chat with us about baseball. The Low Anthem recently kicked off their North American tour which brings them to the Crocodile Lounge in Seattle, WA tonight, and includes a two New York City-area stops at the Bowery Ballroom (April 14) and The Bell House (April 16). The band’s critically acclaimed Nonesuch debut Oh My God Charlie Darwin is in stores now.

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  1. Great to see the 2 Jeffs collaborating on this great feature. Great answers. REcently saw Jeff open for The Avett Bro’s in Ithaca. Great show!

    Cardinals vs. REd Sox in World Series.

    watch out for the Braves this year.

    go Sawx!

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