Cover Wars: Let ‘Em In Edition

Freedy Johnston: Singer/songwriter Freedy Johnston recorded a cover album in 2008 and Let ‘Em In was one of the tunes on it. He also recorded McCartney’s Listen to What the Man Said on the same album.
Source: My Favorite Waste of Time


The Ryan Montbleau Band: The RMB has been covering Let ‘Em In since Gathering Of The Vibes 2008, a performance that also includes the Deep Banana Blackout horn section. But we elected to include a straight RMB rendition from a couple months ago as the audio selection.
Source: 2-26-2010


Video from 10/21/2009 in San Francisco:

Umphrey’s McGee: Umphrey’s has only covered Let ‘Em In twice, the acoustic version embedded below and one time prior with electric guitars. They have also sung the lyrics over a section of improvisation, and thanks to the official UM blog you can hear how this moment came to be live onstage using their talkback microphones via this post titled Peeling Back A Layer. Source: 4-5-2009 via Podcast 88


And before we go, let’s look at a few videos of Sir Paul performing the tune:

Seattle 1976:

Live in Kiev 2008:

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3 Responses

  1. What about Jellyfish’s cover which flows right into their song “That is Why”?

    Jellyfish = best power pop of the last 25 years.

  2. Yeesch, there are so many good McCartney songs–why pick this one. It made me wretch in the 70’s and it still does.

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