Lost Cubicle Chatter: The Last Recruit

Check in on Wednesday of every week during Season 6 of Lost to share your thoughts, theories, complaints and assessments of the previous night’s episode. Big time SPOILER alert for anyone didn‘t watch yet.

Synopsis: As always, we teamed up with the Joker from Coventry for this week’s setlist and recap. Side note: Joker ran a reprint of his epic LOST/Phish Tees if anyone missed out the first time around. Check ’em out.

Geronimo Jackson, April 20, 2010

Set one (On Island): Who Are You (1) > Second Skin (2), Austin Powers Theme (3), What Would You Say? (4), Reunited (5), I’m On a Boat (6) > All Apologies (7) > I Go Swimming (8)

Set Two (Off Island): Ambulance (9), Land Down Under (10), Simple Twist of Fate (11), Shakedown (12), I Remember You (13)

Encore: Running with the Devil (14)

(1) The Who; Jack and Locke
(2) Widespread Panic; Jack and Locke
(3) Quincy Jones; Zoe with “Who does #2 work for” stage banter
(4) Dave Matthews Band; Desmond and Sayid
(5) Peaches and Herb; Sun and Jin
(6) The Lonely Island; Ensemble
(7) Nirvana; Jack and Sawyer
(8) Peter Gabriel; Jack
(9) TV on the Radio; Locke and Sun
(10) Men at Work; Kate and Sawyer
(11) Bob Dylan; Claire, Desmond, Jack, and Miss Verdansky (Ilana)
(12) Bob Seger; with “everybody walks into the garden hose” alternate lyrics
(13) Skid Row; Locke and Jack
(14) Van Halen; Locke and Jack

Epic One Liner of the Week: “It’s you, me, Jack, Sun, Hurley and that pilot who looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie.” – Sawyer

Lost My Mind Just a Couple of Times: 1) Perplexing perhaps, that in the same 24 hour period that MIB explains to Jack that he chose Locke because “he was stupid enough to believe that he was brought to this island for a reason,” that Jack hops off the boat after a “it doesn’t feel right” moment, because, you guessed it, he thinks they were brought here for a reason. 2) Also, as Locke led the troops back to camp through the jungle, how is it that there are still 27 extras on the show that we’ve never seen before? Seems a little late in the game for extras, no?

Overall: Maybe it was due to this being the first ensemble cast oriented show in a while, but this one hooked me in big time. It was the first time in a while that I felt like I couldn’t last until next week and wished I waited for the whole season on DVD. In fact, I actually turned it back on immediately after and restarted it (or as they like to say, went back like a Kamboomerang).

Discussion Points: There’s some pretty straightforward questions this week that need answering: 1) Did Sayid really dispose of Desmond (highly doubt it)? 2) Is Jack really going to give himself over to Locke’s plan? 3) Is Lapidus ever going to fulfill any semblance of relevance? 4) And finally, it’s very interesting we learned about MIB inhabiting Jack’s father. Can you think of anyone else he may have been puppeteering?

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6 Responses

  1. LULZ. “Who does #2 work for” stage banter…. 🙂

    Yeah I’m really just waiting for them to bring the whole “timelines” thing to a close, but I also think that’s the one mystery that may obviously leave us with. Just like every season closer….”did they get off the island?” “Which timeline is the *correct* one?” In the end, that won’t matter….but it’ll leave us all wishing we had more….

    I doubt Sayid popped Desmond…his “new” role needs to be better explained and the Island isn’t done with him yet!

    The extras thing has always randomly been there….like, they keep going back to that chick who was on the plane but joined the Temple/Jacob folks early. She’s STILL irrelevant, but it’s relevant that she’s there until all of them fall victim to some other explosion (read: air dropped bombs, dynamite…)

    Seeing Ilana reminded me of how epic her death was on the island. That ruled.

  2. smokey was most likely eko’s brother as well bc his body was on the island. Hmm.. who else? Discounting Hugo’s ability to see dead people and Walt’s ability to project himself, what other dead folks have been seen on-island? I know there was Kate’s horse – not exactly the same thing, but along the same lines. Ben seeing his mother – that would be an instance of a dead person being seen on-island whose body was not on the island. And Richard seeing his wife, which we pretty well think had to have been the smoke monster. So maybe they just need to be dead, not necessarily have their physical body also on
    the island.

  3. The one I’ve sort of been mulling around in my head is Ben.

    Remember he nearly died and they took him to Richard and they went to the temple? Wouldn’t that imply that he could have been dead all this time like Sayid? It would make sense why he was previously so much nastier than he is now, and certainly makes sense as to why he would kill Locke.

  4. To me, this episode was a letdown. It raised too many questions, and didn’t answer any. Too much stuff going on.

  5. i hope they can bring Sayid back from the Dark Side, like Anakin aka Darth Vader.

    Desmond definitely isnt dead…maybe he started to turn Sayid back from the Dark Side.

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