Interview: Trampled By Turtles Back Again


HT: Along those same lines, lyrically the album seems to feel like there’s perhaps some sadness and perhaps some tough experiences in here? Perhaps you could elaborate on some of the things that are behind some of the emotional songs like Bloodshot Eyes?

DS: The songs are all very personal and I really prefer them to kind of speak for themselves. As far as people looking for meaning behind the lyrics, I’m always more interested in if the person looking can find something in there to relate to their own lives instead of explaining how they fit into mine. I know that probably sounds defensive, but for me anyway, I think a little mystery in songwriting is beneficial to everyone.

HT: I believe last time we chatted we talked a little about bluegrass, but more from the standpoint of being accepted in purist bluegrass circles. Alternatively, what are some of your favorite bluegrass songs and musicians? Do you listen to any young under-the-radar string bands who are also branching away from the whole stand around one mic in monkey suits, playing traditional material?

DS: As far as bluegrass goes, I really like old Bill Monroe, Stanley Brothers, stuff like that. As far as newer bands, I’d say Pert Near Sandstone, Split Lip Rayfield and The Henhouse Prowlers.

HT: So, why do you guys prefer to sit down in your live performances?

DS: This goes back to when we were just a side project, actually. At that time I hated standing with an acoustic guitar, so we sat at the few sporadic shows we played. It kind of became tradition. To be honest, nowadays I’m not sure if I could play with the same speed and intensity while standing. That’s right, I’m old.

HT: Having just performed at South by Southwest, what was your take on that experience, such as the reception to TxT, the people, the meat? Did you help keep Austin weird?

DS: I loved SXSW. It was my first time to the fest and was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days there. I know a lot of people are jaded about that event – I think it’s even hip to feel that way – but I had a great time. There’s really something powerful about being surrounded by so many people with the same passion, drive and love for not only music, but making music your living and lifestyle. I can’t think of anywhere else where that’s the case.

HT: Read any really good books lately?

DS: I’m currently reading Carl Jung’s memoirs and it’s fantastic.

HT: That quite a shock to see 10,000 Lakes wasn’t happening this year. We’re you guys caught off guard by that given it’s almost like a hometown show for you?

DS: Though we were sad to hear about it, it is understandable. That festival gave a great effort and I’m sure created a lot of lifelong memories for a lot of people. I know it did for me.

HT: Finally, what are you most excited for this summer?

DS: Fishing.

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