BG: Another Bowery In Brooklyn

Bowery Presents has easily cemented themselves as the premiere concert promoter in the New York City area, booking shows in their fullly-owned and operated venues as well as places like the Beacon and Radio City. After recently expanding their empire to the Boston market, Bowery Presents has now announced that they are opening a new music venue in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn to be called the Rock Shop. According to a post on Grub Street the newly remodeled bi-level venue, which will eventually offer food along with having a roof deck, will be booked by Diane Perini and feature similar acts to those booked at the Mercury Lounge.


Finally, back in 1977 legendary film critic Roger Ebert penned a script for what was to the punk rock version of the A Hard Day’s Night to star The Sex Pistols called Who Killed Bambi? The movie, which was originally titled Anarchy In The UK and included a cameo from Sting as the front man of a boy band pop group, was shut down after shortly after filming started when 20th Century Fox pulled funding after being shocked from what they read in the script. Now some thirty-three years later Ebert has posted the entire screenplay to his blog “for the benefit of future rock historians”.

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  1. Update on the Rock Shop story, according to Brooklyn Vegan – “Bowery Presents” is a complicated company. Michael Winsch is one of two owners of Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge which are part of Bowery Presents. The Rock Shop will not be part of Bowery Presents. How they coordinate remains to be seen.

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