Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Hip To Be Square

Around since the mid-’90s, roots-rockers The Mother Hips have always seemed to be one of those bands that have never been able to break it big despite their fervent cult following. The San Francisco-based act, who were originally signed to Rick Rubin’s American Records based on Chris Robinson’s recommendation, have had their ups and downs over the years – label issues, lineup changes and a hiatus. Despite it all they have a built their loyal fanbase via steady touring and releasing strong studio albums that showcase their Neil Young and Beach Boys influenced sound.

Last fall, The Mother Hips released their seventh studio album Pacific Dust which continued on their tradition of putting out quintessential California rock that’s steeped in the state’s varied offerings from the Bakersfield’s sound to psychedelia to the sun-baked vocal harmonies. The band recently teamed up with surfer/model Holly Beck to make the music video for Are You Free, which features Beck being chased through the streets of San Francisco…

The Mother Hips will spend the majority of their summer playing the festival circuit, with scheduled stops at the Furthur Festival, Wakarusa, and High Sierra, along with a handful of headlining shows.

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2 thoughts on “Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Hip To Be Square

  1. xeyedandpainless Reply

    I was really hoping this post was going to be about Huey Lewis and the News…That man is a golden god.

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