Blips: Four Under The Radar Bands

Mos Scocious


The Chicago trio Mos Scocious may draw their name from New Orleans’ Dr. John, but the trio of Columbia School of Music graduates pull as much from the soul of gritty classic funk as the complex compositions of Frank Zappa. “It’s like James Brown meets Radiohead. Lyrically, we’re somewhere between Bill Shakespeare and Bill Murray. It’s that freak funk.” guitarist Bradley Butterworth and bassist Josh Rosen say jokingly.

Don’t let the comedic sensibilities fool you, the deep soul punch from Rosen’s vocals carry beautifully over a backbeat of classical jazz drumming from Rob Dicke while Butterworth’s guitar attack hits with pinpoint precision in innumerable styles. “Our sound is a real dynamic mixture. A power trio is a special thing, there’s nowhere to hide. It’s got to be driving and on point all the time,” Butterworth said.

Over the past four years they have hit the slew of Chicago venues opening for bands like The Egg, Perpetual Groove and Bin Laden Blows Up, while gaining acclaim from famed Chicago producer Rick Barnes of RaxTrax, who recorded the band’s first LP Ibble Dabble. The band heads back into the studio early this summer while playing across the Midwest. Head over to the band’s MySpace and give Shamburger a spin.


Pietro C. Truba

Newton Crosby

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]


Take a heavy dose of untz, add a heaping helping of anthemic rock and throw in a smidge of jazz and you’ve nailed the formula for up-and-coming NYC-area jammers Newton Crosby. This talented quartet has made a name for themselves gigging around the Northeast performing a mix of unique originals and booty-shaking covers. Formed in 2009, Newton Crosby features members of  a trio of bands that might be familiar to HT readers – Give Us The Money Lebowski, The Jack and The Brainbox.

You can’t help but hear the influence of jamtronica faves The Disco Biscuits, but instead of running from the comparison these guys have embraced it by including covers of Shelby Rose, Confrontation and I-Man into their setlists. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of originality in NC’s music as the instrumental original Crispy Frickin’ Chicken displays by featuring a double lead guitar attack and a jam heavily steeped in psychedelia. We’re not the only fans of these gents as moe., Lynch, The Breakfast, Splintered Sunlight and The Heavy Pets have all shared bills with the band since they started.


Newton Crosby – Crispy Frickin’ Chicken (Live at Mexicali)

Scott Bernstein

Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra


We’re big fans of bands that don’t take themselves too seriously and Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra fit that description perfectly. Blending lounge, folk and jazz with Lipton’s hilarious lyrics and gentle delivery, this group offers music that’s completely different from anything you’ve heard before. From listening to the lyrics, it’s pretty clear Lipton isn’t exactly a happy-go-lucky gentlemen as his dry sense of humor comes through in each song.

Over the past few years, Ethan Lipton has gained an incredibly supportive following that used the site to help fund the group’s upcoming release, Honker, which comes out through most outlets on June 29th. You can purchase the album now through the band’s website.You can catch Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra’s live show at Barbes in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn on either May 29 or June 26.

Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra – You Were Right + It’s Okay [From Honker]


Scott Bernstein

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