Lost Cubicle Chatter: The End

Overall: Overall, I’m really satisfied. I loved the ending. ::tear::

For me, and I feel the creators as well,  LOST is about life and death, faith and science, spirit and flesh, and I feel that the title refers to the characters’ souls, not their location.

The moments of awareness in the flash-sideways during which they remembered the Island were memories of the moments that really mattered to these people, the moments that matter in life: babies being born, laughter, kissing, love, genuine selflessness. All the back and forth and struggle on the island wasn’t really what mattered. In the end, you need the people in your life, and they need you, and you create a space together where a whole bunch of stuff happens, but when you look back at your life, everything fades into the background, and what’s left in relief is what’s important.

Much like our understanding of this universe, there are many unanswered questions in the LOST universe. The questions of life. Some look for answers in religion, some look for answers in science and some don’t look at all. We have the Dharma Initiative and the Temple and the Rules… We understand parts of the answers, but much like life there will always be mysteries. I need to watch again and I’m pressed for time today to write, but I think I initially “get” what the show was going for and what it is all about. It’s a reflection of how complicated our lives are, a reflection of how little we really understand about our existence and how we are all searching to find the people who are really important to make our lives worth living. – Joker

Discussion Points: 1) Why didn’t Ben join the rest of the group at the church? What else did he need to take care of before he “lets go.” 2) Which true love reunion got to you the most (and if you’re not scared to admit it, did you cry? I got nailed by Charlie and Claire). 3) How are you interpreting that they were all dead at the end? Was the flash sideways the afterlife all along? 4) Finally, lay it on us – did you love it or hate it? How does Lost coming to an end rank on the following scale of sadness (SCI breakup, Phish Hiatus, the day Mikey died, Phish breakup, the day Jerry died)?

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7 thoughts on “Lost Cubicle Chatter: The End

  1. themanatee Reply

    sawyer and kate helped build that runway for the others when they were prionsers

  2. the joker Reply

    i loved the one liner with Miles, something to the effect of: “I dont believe in a lot of things, but i believe in duct tape.”

    i also thought the hurley line of “hes more confusing than yoda” was hilarious.

    i didnt want to cry in front of the girls i was watching the show with…but they cried each time there was a reunion and i cried ::a tear:: when i got home and was thinking about the show.

    a lot to digest…im pretty amazed at how many people are wrapped up in the show. love it or hate it (i loved it, obv) its a huge pop culture event.

    i am beginning to an understand the show from a multiverse perspective…the flash-sideways was created by the souls to find what they were looking for so they could move on…ben chose to stay so he could be with Alex…the island was a hell for some or a paradise for others, or what some are calling “purgatory”. i feel the deep philosophical quantium multi-universe web the writers created is fun to think about and i do not have the language or vocabulary to explain. it may sound pretentious but it seems the viewers out there that were looking at the show from a single dimension are the most frustrated and will never get it. its complicated and challenging and thats why i like it…the ones looking for more simple entertainment seem angry today.

    i find myself wondering today how many times ive lived and died…and if i need to move on or stand up out of a metaphorical wheelchair, or if i am here to give love or compassion to someone else and free their soul…and i can’t think of another TV show that has made me think about those things.

  3. themanatee Reply

    they were all dead cause everyone eventually dies; its not like they were dead all along

  4. Ryan D Reply

    Thanks so much the for being a truly kickass partner all season in cranking these things out every week. It’s not always easy to find the time and you’ve been there without fail with the goods. This has been so much fun and you deserve all the credit.

  5. stealy_fan Reply

    Joker, that’s some awesome stuff, and per your comment I’ve been walking around in a bit of a haze today as well, shocked at how moved I was from the finale. I’m a bigger Lost nerd than most, but even I thought the finale would be more of a celebration than a downer….but instead it hit me hard in the gut.

    I loved it, and pretty much lost my shit from the moment Jack touched the coffin to the last scene where Vincent snuggled next to Jack so that he wouldn’t “die alone.”

    In the end, it’s a show about the characters finding themselves, and then sharing their light with others. Community. Not much different to what goes on in our little music world if you think about it. Anyone that focused on the individual mysteries missed the point entirely.

    Great work all season guys…see ya in another life 😉

  6. Jen Reply

    Still numb, still processing, still letting The End wash over me.

    Loved that Vincent was there w/Jack at the very end-true to the story (don’t die alone) & labradors (they want to be right next to people :)). Loved seeing Rose & Bernard — and finding out that they had indeed lived happily ever after apart from the Island madness.
    1) I think Ben needed to “take care of” Alex & Roussau before he was ready to go inside w/the rest
    2) I cried in one big burst about
    3) How are you interpreting that they were all dead at the end? Was the flash sideways the afterlife all along? 4) Finally, lay it on us – did you love it or hate it? How does Lost coming to an end rank on the following scale of sadness (SCI breakup, Phish Hiatus, the day Mikey died, Phish breakup, the day Jerry died)?

  7. Randy Ray Reply

    I lost it as soon as I heard “Previously on LOST…” for the last time. It was a fucking ocean all the way after that, including “Hey, kiddo,” which knocked me out. And…I’m not an emotional cat at all.

    Great work by Ryan and The Joker for the goods. THANKS!

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