May 24, 2010

Stormy Mondays: Acoustic Mix VI

It’s time the next installment  in the ever-popular and ever-expanding Stormy Mondays Acoustic Mix Series. This is Volume VI if you’re keeping track at home, kicking off with Jorma Kaukonen

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Lost Cubicle Chatter: The End

Well gang, that’s all she wrote after last night’s Lost finale. Joker and I decided we’d like to come up with something special later this week, so stay tuned, but it the meantime, here’s the usual recap. As always, SPOILER ALERT. Thanks everybody for sticking with us, and most importantly, thanks to Lost for six great seasons. We’re really gonna miss you.


Geronimo Jackson, May 23, 2010

Set I (Off Island): Loser (1), Camaro (2), You All Everybody (3), Tranquilize (4), Love Doctor (5), Fix You (6), Reunited (7), Love Song (8), Sweet Child of Mine (9), Romeo and Juliet (10)

Set II (On Island): Got a Job (11), Deal (12), Cabin in the Woods (13), Let’s Do Something Cheap and Superficial (14), Par Avion (15), Blinded By the Light (16), Shot in the Back of the Head (17), Sacrifice (18)

Encore: Father and Son (19) > Let’s Go Crazy (20) > Shine a Light (21)

(1) Beck; Oceanic Airlines Delivery guy with reenactment of the coffin pulling sequence from the Beck music video
(2) Kings of Leon; Hurley and Kate
(3) Driveshaft; Charlie, bass player heavily intoxicated and wearing eye makeup
(4) The Killers; Hurley, Sayid, and Charlie
(5) George Thorogood; Juliet, Sun, and Jin
(6) Coldplay; Jack and Locke
(7) Yes; Sayid and Shannon
(8) Tesla; Sayid and Shannnon
(9) Guns n’ Roses; Claire, Charlie, and Kate
(10) Dire Straits; Sawyer and Juliet
(11) Smokey Robinson; Jack
(12) The Grateful Dead; Locke and Jack
(13) Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers; Bernand, Rose, and Desmond
(14) Burt Reynolds; Lapidus
(15) Mike and the Mechanics; Lapidus, Miles, and Richard
(16) Manfred Mann; Desmond
(17) Moby; Kate, Locke, and Jack
(18) Elton John; Jack
(19) Cat Stevens; Jack and Christian Shappard
(20) Prince; Christian Shappard on intro narration, Ensemble
(21) The Rolling Stones; Christian Shappard, Ensemble

Epic One Liner of the Week: “I’ll see you in another life, brother” – Jack

Lost My Mind Just a Couple of Times: Overall, we’re both pretty happy with how this finale played out. Sure, the reunions were a little sappy, but a happy ending really felt good. We’ve been through enough drama at this point and to close it down with an emphasis on the goodness in these people just felt right. 1) Having said that, I could go all day about Lapidus and co. repairing a plane (with no windshield) that crash landed on a deserted island with duct tape. Do they have any fuel? Where are they flying? What’s with that runway? 2) Also, I don’t understand how MIB went back to being human again, yet in Locke’s body. Wouldn’t he be dead either way, since technically both MIB and Locke are are already dead?

READ ON for more thoughts on the finale and some discussion points…

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Steel Cut Oats #6: Raiding The Ark

Last month we shared a killer Grateful Dead compilation put together by HT reader Joe Kolbenschlag called Steel Cut Oats which pieced together highlights from the band’s 1972 run at the historic Fox Theatre in St. Louis. Today, we’ve got the next installment which features the best moments from three nights of shows at The Ark in Boston on April 21-23, 1969.

Steel Cut Oats #6 : Raiding The Ark

Grateful Dead, April 21, 22, & 23, 1969, The Ark, Boston, Massachusetts

I: Morning Dew, Schoolgirl, Doin’ That Rag, Top Of The World, Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Cryptical > Death Don’t Have No Mercy

II: Dupree’s > Mountains Of The Moon > Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Lovelight, Alligator > Drums > Jam > The Eleven > Caution > Feedback > Bid You Goodnight

E: Viola Lee Blues > Feedback

Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Lovelight. More often than not, this hallowed suite of music is associated with the versions found on the Grateful Dead’s first live album, Live/Dead. The 16-track recordings that comprise the core of the Live/Dead material were recorded in San Francisco during four shows at the corners of Market and South Van Ness on the last two nights of February and first two nights of March 1969. A well-rounded batch of shows from the same year are also classics – check out 2.22, 6.7, 11.8, and 12.12 – but, without question, to my ears, the month of April showcases the most consistent block of shows of the year.

For several reasons, I present Steel Cut Oats #6 – a compilation of April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 1969, from The Ark in Boston, Massachusetts. April 22nd features one of the most thrilling Mountains Of The Moon > Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Lovelight suites of all time – this sequence is worthy of the Rhino Road Trips treatment, not to mention an addition of just about any other selection from those three nights would be suitable as a multi-disc set. There’s plenty to be culled from these shows, including an extremely passionate reading, and what I consider to be the definitive version of Death Don’t Have No Mercy – a track that certainly could not be overlooked in the context of a Live/Dead discussion.

READ ON for more of Joe’s essay on the Grateful Dead @ The Ark…

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Preview: Memorial Day Weekend Festivals

While the festival season has grown in recent years, most see Memorial Day as the official opening weekend. Traditionally, many of the festivals on this weekend were smaller, local options but this year we add another large festival to the mix giving fans more options for music over the long weekend. Just don’t forget the weather can still be a little cool & unpredictable so make sure you don’t forget that extra sweatshirt & rain gear!

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]

For those of you out on the West Coast (or willing to travel) Furthur has you covered with their inaugural festival at the Calaveras Fairground in Angels Camp, CA. Furthur, which brings together Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, will play 6 full sets over the weekend each covering an entire Grateful Dead album making this the perfect choice for Deadhead’s young and old. Saturday will see American Beauty, Workingman’s Dead and Anthem of the Sun, while Sunday will cover Blues for Allah, Aoxomoxoa and Terrapin Station. Hot Tuna, Jackie Greene and Larry Campbell as well as other GD friends and family will be joining in over the weekend to round out the line up. Tickets start at $125 with a VIP option available. READ ON for more…

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Video: Nada Surf – Electrocution

For their latest release indie-pop act Nada Surf decided to go the covers route pulling together 12 of their favorite songs from a diverse selection of artists, ranging from the

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Televised Tune: On the Tube this Week

The late great Janis Joplin will be profiled on the Biography Channel this Thursday at 9PM.  This in-depth feature tracks Joplin’s beginnings in Texas, her rise to the top of

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Styx/Foreigner/Kansas: River Center Arena, Baton Rouge, LA 05/13/10

And here you were thinking the glory days of Arena Rock were long gone. The mullets have become a bit grayer and the lighters have turned into cell phone screens swaying high in the air, but the music has survived intact; for the most part. In fact, after listening to Styx slam-bang out a set of songs from their very successful past, it has actually gotten stronger.

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