No Phish Festival in Indio This Year

From the moment Phish’s Festival 8 ended on November 1 last year, there have been rumors that the band would return to the Empire Polo Club in 2010 for another event. Today, we got a definitive answer as to whether Phish and Goldenvoice would team up this fall and that answer is no.

[Photo by Regan Teti Marscher]

At the end of an article about the Rolling Stones, Bruce Fessier of The Desert Sun reports that promoter Paul Tollett of Goldenvoice has confirmed that his company won’t be producing any additional events in Indio this year…

Despite statements to the contrary by Phish phans, Goldenvoice says there won’t be a Phish festival this
October at the Empire Polo Club.

Promoter Paul Tollett said he won’t produce any more festivals in Indio in 2010. Polo club owner Alex Haagen III is still talking about having a fall jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll festival and says he may hire another promoter. But he said, “We don’t have anything lined up yet.”

As of now, the only date on the books for Phish after the group’s Summer Tour is a headlining appearance at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, TX on October 8. [via @YEMblog]

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  1. Once they were announced for ACL, I thought that meant no Indio this fall. Hopefully Vegas happens.

  2. i had a blast at indio, but im glad phish is changing things up and playing in different places this year and giving me an excuse to go somewhere new.

  3. glad to hear they’re keeping it fresh, and also hopefully giving us a chance to catch some shows back east later this year!

  4. Yea, glad to hear that there won’t be a west coast festival this year. They already play too many shows out west, and really need more east coast dates in the fall…


  5. Vegas and east coast, wow how original, never been done before. WAY TO CHANGE IT UP PHISH!


    No money from me this year.

  6. Not original? I guess playing the Greek and Telluride are not trendy enough. Maybe if phish tickets were not left on the ground outside the venues out west, Phish might put more dates on the tour. Not to mention the west coast got the only festival since their return last year which also happened to be a Halloween show, but that happens all the time. Man their getting repetitive. All I know is that phish played a more diverse catalogue of songs last year then any other. Thats what makes their return so special. They are changing it up and doing new things and at the same time ripping up classics that have been on the shelf for to long. This years gonna rock especially if your on the east coast, but I’ll be there all three nights at the Greek. You know you west coasters could learn to travel like we do, but thats just an idea.

  7. West coasters need to learn to travel, excuse me? We have to travel to earn our shows. Grow up. And Phish, please realize that a lot more of your fan base is out west than 10 years ago.

  8. East coast west coast. Just glad there back. Yet those of you that can go to every show good for you. This year has been Ruff for most of us, and California iis in shambles. Most can’t pay there bills and you think we all should fly back east instead of holding on for a show that can hold more than 2, 000.
    So maybe those of you on the east coast should give up you Greek and Telluride tix so us west coast fans can at least see one show.
    Stop the fighting and tell me how Hampton and new years in Miami did ya.

  9. I am sick of hearing about East Coast kids who got Greek Tix. Talk about a bunch of selfish pricks. We get three shows in a venue that holds 8500 people, and y’all come out here and grab the tix for the one set of shows in the PST. What, are the 25 shows on the East Coast not enough? Lame.

    Sad to see the band won’t be back in Indio. Fingers crossed they make their Hollywood Bowl debut this fall.

  10. Concert confession shut up you whiny little bitch. Waaaa I was to slow and dumb not to grab tix to one of the smallest venues the boys are playing this summer. I hope you do not get in

  11. Hey assholes, i live on the east coast, and i couldve had tix to the greek all three nights but didnt because im not a prick. the greeks should be for west coasters only, i hope all my friends out west have a blast because dont get it wrong. PHISH FUCKED THE WEST IN 2010. Love you guys, see everyone on tour.

  12. You’re really worried about east coasters taking your tickets. Everytime I go out there, there are extra tickets everywhere. Out here you have to fight to get tickets, thats why there are more shows. Supply and Demand. Also, the band doesn’t want to get burned out again. Enjoy your few shows you have, its much better than nothing.

  13. West coast east coast, I am just glad there back. I must say some of you using these harsh tones is one of the reasons i left the east coast 13 years ago. Born,raised and educated in New england. i think it is a shame that phish is only playing One venue on the West coast, Telluride is not the west coast. The Greek only holds 1500 people and it sounds like there are some greedy trustafarins that don’t see the economic hard ship that USA is in. WE all can’t travel to every show, like we were in Collage again. so wishing for another INDIO is cuase for fans to spit and cuss each other out, come on. I guess the Hampton come back and the Miami New years shows don’t count for much plus a 2010 summer tour all east of the Mississippi. We all want to boogie and noodle are way threw the summer too. How about those of you “East coasters” with Greeks Give them up to the west coasters that didn’t get Tix. I know people including myself that are on it when it comes time for lottery , pre sale and public sale and still get the shaft. so just becuase you are lucky or just greedy don’t diss everyone. if you don’t have anything nice to say SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLE.

  14. Give up my tickets? I think a fan who goes out of their way to go cross country deserves the ticket way more. Any west coaster can do the same, to go to way more under priced shows out on the east coast. Really take a trip, as much as I like to travel, east coast shows are always way better. So maybe you need to come out here.

  15. PT,

    Sorry if ordering thru Phish, having my Mom and wife order thru Phish, and then all of them being at Ticketbaster at 10 am, only to get denied was not enough. Thankfully I have tix for all three nights at the Greek via karma coming around from an Indio miracle, but fuck what a bitter lil cunt you are. So hit me up when you are at the Greek so I can invite you to eat a bag of dicks in person.

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